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Editor's note: famous scientist Yang Zhenning once said, "the 21st century is the century of industrial design, and a country that does not pay attention to industrial design will become a laggard of tomorrow". China is in the process of industrial transformation and brand creation from "made in China" to "created in China", and industrial design will also play an important role here

this month, the first lotus cup international industrial design innovation competition will be held in Changsha, Hunan Province. A few days ago, science times visited Professor He Renke, one of the main organizers and judges of the competition and Dean of the school of design and art of Hunan University, on issues related to industrial design innovation

Who can point out that industrial design is not only a new and comprehensive applied discipline, but also an industry

"the process of industrial design is a creative activity to optimize products, services and their systems. Its concept extends from product performance research and development, appearance design to the stage of market promotion, including graphic design, image design and many other related industries

On the one hand, the improvement of industrial design level will directly improve the level of design patents; On the other hand, the development of industrial design innovation will provide great impetus for the development of design patents and even intellectual property. Therefore, industrial design innovation is also a strategic tool to enhance the market competitiveness of enterprise products

On this basis, who can think that industrial design also has the attribute of social culture. It embodies the combination of science and art, and is a typical form of knowledge economy

Therefore, in the global modern economic system, the industrial design industry has become a symbol of a country's modern civilization, innovation ability and scientific and technological level

When it comes to the value of industrial design innovation, who can think that industrial design innovation is an important means to promote sustainable economic development, and innovative industrial design first creates economic value

"before new major technological breakthroughs, industrial design innovation combines technology, art and culture with innovative thinking, endows products and services with unique and optimized differences, and breaks the situation of product homogenization. Win consumers by meeting people's use, psychological and aesthetic needs, so that the economic competitiveness of products, brands, enterprises, and even the whole region and country can be improved

 secondly, it creates the value of sustainable development. The core of industrial design innovation is people-oriented. Two important goals of industrial design are to improve the level of global sustainable development and support the diversity of world culture in the context of globalization

compared with traditional industries, the remarkable characteristics of industrial design industry are low energy consumption and low pollution. Therefore, the development of industrial design innovation is not only consistent with our goal of building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, but also the meaning of building a harmonious society

Moreover, he also pointed out that design should not only solve the problem of sales, but also design a complete business model based on a complete understanding of human needs, so as to turn technology into profits. At this time, industrial design innovation has become a new element of scientific and technological competitiveness

In fact, the main body of industrial design is product design, which is the carrier of enterprise technological innovation and the only way to create a brand

58. Today, with the homogenization of products, enterprises begin to fight "design war", and industrial design has become the key for enterprises to establish differentiated competitive advantage

"in the past 30 years, China's industrial design industry has made great progress, with the emergence of Haier, Lenovo, Huaqi and other enterprises that attach importance to industrial design and have achieved results. Beijing, Shanghai and other cities have also held many industrial design activities and listed industrial design as an important industry for the development of the eleventh five year plan

 however, it needs to be recognized that China's industrial design industry is still in its infancy, and there is a big gap in many aspects compared with developed countries

 first, there is a gap in the concept of industrial design. The industrial design concept of our country mostly stays in the primary stage, which is similar to the folk creation of traditional craft products. The modern industrial design associated with industrialization requires that the mass-produced products can integrate various factors such as natural science, art and marketing, so as to coordinate the performance, structure and appearance of industrial products, and ensure that the pressure resistance strength of non-standard state test of products can reach the technical function of safety pressure resistance standard

 second, the design category in China often stops at the level of product appearance design and is not deep enough. Nowadays, advanced industrial design has expanded from comprehensive product design to image design, with the implementation and utilization of more than one million tons of solvent dehydration and recycling, display design, commercial design, and even urban design

58. In fact, in the context of the globalization of information and logistics, the difference of technology has become smaller and smaller, while the cost of technology development has become larger and larger. Industrial design is an integrated innovation, which adopts the existing mature technology. Relatively speaking, it has less investment, short cycle and low risk. Therefore, design innovation is not only the basis of differentiation, but also an important element of competitiveness

"industrial design innovation and brand

" about the relationship between industrial design innovation and brand strategy, who can think that to create a good brand, we cannot do without innovative design; With innovative design, we have developed a domestic leading data collection and control system for all experimental machines, which is jointly completed by the upper computer with upper and lower computer control mode, the upper computer with windows as the operating system and the lower computer with ARM chip as the core. Even if we use foreign technology, we can create our own brand. Therefore, industrial design is a core factor of enterprise management

 although the current industrial design is in, the development of China in this period is still in the primary stage, but it is at the right time

He said that on the one hand, the 30-year reform and opening-up has made China's economy prosperous in an all-round way and the cause of culture and education develop unprecedentedly. Industrial design is already omnipresent in modern society, and has great potential in the future

On the other hand, China's industrial design has been highly valued by relevant national departments. The strategic decision of "encouraging the development of specialized industrial design" is clearly put forward in the outline of the national economic "Eleventh Five Year Plan"; Some developed regions in China, such as Beijing and Shanghai, have vigorously promoted the development of industrial design and created many successful examples of industrial design driving economic growth by combining production, learning and research. Therefore, the time has come for the rapid development of industrial design in the country

"speaking of the upcoming first lotus cup international industrial design innovation competition, who can point out that this competition is a good platform for Hunan Province to build a comprehensive supporting reform experimental area for the two oriented society in the Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan Urban Agglomeration, gather reform and innovation resources, and accelerate the promotion of new industrialization

"it is reported that the judges of the first lotus cup international industrial design innovation competition almost include the review experts of the world's top industrial design competitions. By the deadline of December 10, more than 2000 entries from the United States, Sweden, Italy, Finland, South Korea, Malaysia and other countries, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan have been received

 who has served as the judge of industrial design competitions at home and abroad for many times believes that in such a top competition, the formation of multi-party interaction among world-class experts, innovative talents, enterprises, governments and the public is a promotion for China's industrial design level, innovative talent training, enterprise development and local economic construction, as well as the formation of public design ideas. It is believed that with the efforts of all parties, China's industrial design will rise on the world stage and make greater contributions to "created in China"

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