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The new electrical CAE solution gives you a groundbreaking feeling - EPLAN electric P8 solution

China industrial control industrial control information new electrical CAE solution gives you a groundbreaking feeling - EPLAN electric P8 solution

editor's note: EPLAN long has redistributed the new CAE software eplanelecticp8, which indicates the beginning of a new era in the field of electrical engineering. Users have good reasons to be excited about it! They can expect many new functions and ultimate flexibility and integration. For example, electrical engineering designers can choose between graphics oriented and object-oriented, and will also benefit immensely from exquisite platform technology...

on August 9, 2007, EPLAN company brought the latest "eplanp8" - 22 - epoch-making electrical engineering project design and management software to the 9th China Qingdao International Industrial Control automation and Instrumentation Exhibition, Eplanp8 aims to make new contributions to the field of electrical engineering design in China and bring new ideas and benefits to electrical design. It is praised as an industry event by major media

as a pioneer in the era of electrical computer-aided design, EPLAN has been a global landmark enterprise providing intelligent software solutions and professional services for the fields of electrical planning, engineering design and project management since 1984. EPLAN product family not only has CAE series software that leads the global market and has become the world standard for industrial electrical design, but also includes eplancanet for 3D design of electrical control cabinet, eplanfluid for fluid engineering and eplanppe for process industry


unparalleled speed and change: macro variable technology

this new macro variable technology can greatly reduce the design time and enable users to avoid heavy repetitive work. All local circuits can be created in the form of macros, and variables can be created and saved in macros. In this way, the correct size circuit can be selected in a few seconds. These macros are easy to manage, and circuit modification and resizing have been eliminated from the new project. Due to this new technology, tests conducted by trial users have shown that up to 50% of the time can be saved

easy integration, coupled with more than 20000 employees in trade: they can cope with changes at the last moment

few projects can escape the fate of making changes at the last moment. With eplanelecticp8, such modifications can be reliably integrated by selecting appropriate variables without redesign. In this way, data records can always be consistent and potential error sources can be minimized

have the best of both worlds: "graphics oriented" combined with "Object-Oriented"

is it graphics oriented or object-oriented? In the past, users of CAE systems needed to choose between these two working methods. Eplanelecticp8 provides users with the freedom to switch between graphics oriented and object-oriented methods - this feature is also very practical, because the graphics based working method is usually more suitable for the initial stage of the project, and the object-oriented method is often considered by the China investment consulting industry research center that its important role will be revealed later. The new system recognizes this fact and allows users to simply switch in the same project

simple data exchange: every EPLAN record from the design department to the office can be transferred to excel form. In this way, this system has become a general tool to support simple data exchange with other IT systems - so as to ensure a consistent database outside the field of CAE. In addition, by accelerating the process from the initial design to the final product, this solution also allows faster processing of large quantities of data

global road: working group project

the working group project carried out through eplanelecticp8 can cross networks, places, and even national boundaries - any number of users can participate in the same project at the same time. Eplanelecticp8 supports all international standards. Standardized templates, evaluation tables, and mapping of different symbol libraries are defined in the system, and the system will automatically convert existing projects to the selected standards

there is no language barrier

due to the same Unicode support capability, eplanelecticp8 can provide circuit diagrams in various languages - from wiring diagrams in Chinese to material bills in Russian, everything can be translated or carried out after the work is completed. The user simply needs to plan the project in his mother tongue, and the system will translate it into specific instructions. This will not only simplify international cooperation, but also make it easier to produce documents

what you like: interface configurator

eplanelecticp8 interface configurator not only supports the personalized cooperation between the interface and user requirements, but also allows you to configure and save personal tasks and work stages. For each stage, relevant information can be accessed immediately. Even occasional users can quickly and seriously deal with the product, because the toolbar can be reduced to several main functions

ideally linked to the integration process

due to the unified interface, such as ODBC, XML or excel, the data from the upstream process can be quickly transmitted and processed through eplanelecticp8. The data results can be directly accessed by downstream processes, such as production. This not only accelerates the operation, but also improves the design quality and production process

immediate use: "install and start"

flexible system configuration and management means that new users and users who are accustomed to different systems can start using immediately. EPLAN project manager provides an assistant for users to work hard to improve the localization proportion of decoration materials, accompany users through the whole project, provide users with various opportunities and decision-making ways, and explain various options. In this way, users can take advantage of the full performance of the software and maintain overall leadership at any time

platform strategy: communicate with other applications

eplanelecticp8 is based on revolutionary platform technology. It not only supports 100% data transmission from eplan5 and EPLAN21, but also supports horizontal and vertical expansion. For the first time in history, various applications used in electrical engineering, fluid engineering and instrument/control technology can communicate directly with each other. This platform is composed of several functional modules, such as project and user rights management module. It has an interdisciplinary application foundation

overview: new space

eplanelecticp8 opens a new space in the engineering field. With an extremely rich series of functions and free choice for graphics and object-oriented, this software provides clear technical guidance. Various configuration options simplify the best fit for personalized requirements. In addition, the direct link to fluid engineering and instrumentation/control technology provides a shared engineering platform, and the simple integration with IT infrastructure can be regarded as the pioneer of the integration process. Last but not least, the quality of the prestigious EPLAN can ensure continuous long-term development and the future security of this new system

EPLAN software and service company

EPLAN software and service company is a software supplier of global engineering solutions. All advanced development work is centered on efficient workflow and process support. Customers can benefit from a wide range of services, including training, consulting and customer solutions. With 20000 customers and 54000 software installations worldwide, the company based in Monheim has shown its consistent practical orientation and international distribution success for more than 20 years. As a subsidiary of Rittal and part of friedhelmloh group, the name EPLAN software and service company has become a synonym for durability and investment safety

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