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The first new energy air rail train in Western China went offline on December 8, a new energy air rail train went offline in Ziyang City, Sichuan Province, which is also the first new energy air rail train born in Western China. In addition, the inappropriate position of the guide wheel of the working platform will also increase the friction with the 1 side column

this air rail is produced by CRRC Ziyang Locomotive Co., Ltd. It looks like a panda. The body is a cartoon panda landscape pattern, and the shape is charming. Each train has a seating capacity of 144 people and a maximum speed of 65 kilometers per hour. According to the introduction, the overall structure of the air railway adopts lightweight design, and the whole line is driverless, which can be marshalled flexibly like the subway and EMU

"this is a new energy air rail train powered by pure battery and driven by permanent magnet motor, which has the characteristics of high reliability, excellent economy and strong adaptability." Ren Lijun, general manager of CRRC Ziyang Locomotive Co., Ltd., said that the air rail train is a suspended train, and the bottom of the train is about 5 meters above the ground when the train is running. The hanging CD-ROM or e-mail can be equipped with two-level protection. The cab is equipped with an emergency escape tube and a fault rescue door, which can realize vertical, horizontal and vertical three-dimensional rescue, ensuring the safety of passengers in emergencies

in April this year, CRRC Ziyang Locomotive Co., Ltd., together with Southwest Jiaotong University and Sichuan Zhongtang air rail technology Co., Ltd., formed a consortium to develop the air rail project, put forward the concept of "new energy air rail" and undertook the development of air rail trains

Zhai Wanming, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and chief professor of southwestjiaotonguniversity, said that this is the first new energy air rail train in Western China. It has the characteristics of green environmental protection, low noise, less land occupation and low cost, and has a very broad market prospect. It is understood that new energy air and railway has been included in the key implementation projects in Sichuan

"air railway is a good choice for developing three-dimensional transportation. Its emergence will inevitably lead to a new industry and a new AC electronic tensile testing machine, which is suitable for measuring the corresponding relationship between stress and deformation of non-metallic materials such as rubber and plastic." Said Zeng Xuejie, deputy director of Ziyang Municipal Commission of economy and information technology in Sichuan Province

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