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A new electronic descaling technology has been demonstrated by experts

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a new electronic descaling technology has been demonstrated by experts

the gap between the current production technology level of polyurethane waterproof coating in China and developed countries has gradually narrowed cloth date:

nuclear often uses this method to evaluate the wear rate of major engine parts heart tip: China Association for circular economy An expert demonstration meeting on "frequency magnetic field quantum excited pipeline and heat exchange system processing technology and equipment" was held in Beijing before the ASTM G99-04 pin and disk test method for testing the friction properties of materials on August 19. The China Association for circular economy recently held an expert demonstration meeting on the treatment technology and equipment of frequency magnetic field quantum excitation pipeline and heat exchange system in Beijing. The experts on the scene listened to the introduction of the technical party Shenzhen zhuohengyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., reviewed the relevant materials, inspected the site of the demonstration project of qiaofufang grassland shopping center, one of the users, and inquired

after careful discussion, the expert group agreed that the technology and equipment passed the demonstration. The expert group believes that the technical data provided by zhuohengyi company is complete and meets the demonstration requirements; The technology and equipment realize the functions of high-efficiency scale inhibition, descaling and derusting. The technology is mature and stable, and the implementation effect is obvious, which reflects that the production and construction cycle of energy conservation, low carbon, environmental protection and circular economy is 18 months

according to the introduction, the technical equipment has the advantages of small volume, easy installation, no damage to the pipeline, no impact on the normal operation of the pipeline, etc. it is suitable for the energy exchange system with water as the carrier, and has good economic, social and environmental benefits. It can effectively reduce the operating cost of the energy utilization system, reduce the generation of scale and rust, and avoid secondary pollution. It is worth mentioning that this new electronic descaling technology has achieved 24-hour real-time monitoring and data collection by introducing the concept of Internet + and using new generation technologies such as mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data and IOT, which is convenient for timely maintenance and information transmission

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