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New products of Dow resin provide "significant performance improvement" for films.

Dow Chemical Company introduces two kinds of versifytm plasticizers and the following is an introduction to elastomers - versify 2300 and 3300. Deepak Parikh, the company's elastomer global business development manager, said, "version 2300 and 3300 have an excellent performance balance in terms of modulus and elasticity in film applications: excellent tear and puncture resistance, good reliability and ease of processing."

version 2300 is very suitable as the raw material of blow molding stretching cover. It can give the film excellent elasticity and good retention, make the film close to the wrapped goods, and improve the stability of the whole pallet. It has excellent tear resistance and greatly reduces wrinkling and the formation of "ear holes". Industrial disposal is also very easy. Its thickness is closely matched with the packaged products, which can reduce the weight of the film. In addition, its all ethylene/propylene structure is conducive to recovery and regeneration. Film processors will benefit from its ease of processing. The processing performance is stable and consistent without peculiar smell. In addition to being suitable for blow molding and stretching covers, version 2300 is also very suitable for a wide range of calendering and extrusion applications. It can also be used as heat. It is expected that the resolution of 5 experimental power will remain 1/± 300000 f in the next few years S (with constant resolution throughout the whole process) has a good growth momentum. Plastic elasticity reports the mixing composition of the body

and version 3300 is used as a tackifier for cast films. The new catalytic technology combined with Dow insitetm copolymerization process significantly improves the proportion of vinyl in the raw materials for film production, forming a unique molecular structure, which makes the characteristics and comprehensive properties of polymers reach an unprecedented high level. Version 3300 is not only suitable for tensile adhesion and elastic films, but also can be used as a blending component of thermoplastic elastomers and thermoplastic olefin plastics. It is especially suitable as the tackifying layer of tape casting and stretching film. This product can improve the adhesion of the film and can be used as a low addition admixture: generally 5% - 10%, while using VLDPE requires 30% - 40%. It makes the film performance stable and consistent, and can operate on the parcel machine in hot and cold environments. The adhesion test carried out after three months shows that its performance remains unchanged and the noise is very low during processing

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