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New electric heating tubes or the "new darling" of the domestic mold industry

the rapid development of China's mold industry has become an old topic with the increase of experimental power in the industry. At the time of its booming development, electric heating based bottle blowing mold and hot runner system based electric heating mold update speed is also very fast

insiders said that due to the limitations of the domestic traditional alloy electrothermal product process, the utilization rate of mold heating elements is very low, and the heating parts need to be replaced frequently. Many domestic manufacturers are looking for better electric heating so that we can choose the appropriate components for your products according to your actual situation, and try to use alumina ceramic heating parts as a new generation of mold heating elements

after a lot of efforts, Zhuhai Huiyou Electronics Co., Ltd. has successfully developed dozens of electric heating tubes for general use on molds, which have been very competitive in practical use: the heating time of molds has been reduced by more than 50%; Metallized ceramic electric heating tubes (the use of metallizatio thermoplastic materials is limited to small parts n c actively introduces eramic heater, an upstream and downstream supporting enterprise in the industrial chain) have a faster heating speed than traditional stainless steel electric heating tubes. Generally, when stainless steel electric heating pipe is used for heating, the heating wire line first transfers heat to magnesium oxide powder, and then magnesium oxide powder heats the stainless steel pipe wall. In this process, the heat of the heating wire has been wasted, so the heating temperature of general metal electric heating pipe is relatively low. The ceramic electric heating tube directly transfers heat from the heating wire to the ceramic tube, which can directly heat the die steel, greatly reducing the heating time of the die. In addition, the electric heating tube made of alumina ceramics not only shortens the heating time of the mold as a whole, but also has a higher power density. At the same time, the die damage rate is reduced by 90%, and the service life of the heating tube is improved. Experts said that the new electric heating tube has many advantages and has become a new favorite of the domestic mold industry

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