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According to statistics, the global packaging machinery reached US $29billion in 2005 and is expected to grow at an annual rate of 5.3% in the future. The fastest growth of packaging machinery production is in developing countries and regions. Developed countries will benefit from stimulating domestic demand, and look for local suitable manufacturers in developing countries, especially to invest in food processing plants and provide packaging machinery and equipment. At present, packaging machinery in the United States, Germany, Switzerland and Italy will cooperate with the trend of industrial automation and develop in the direction of training R & D technical personnel and higher speed packaging machines. The development trends of the United States and Germany are introduced as follows

new development trend of packaging machinery in the United States

the packaging industry in the United States started in the early 20th century and has developed rapidly since World War II, gradually establishing and forming a complete and independent industrial system including packaging materials, packaging technology and packaging machinery. Its total output value of packaging industry accounts for 3% of the total national economic output value. According to the industry survey and analysis of the United States, the largest use industry of its packaging machinery is the food industry, followed by household cleaning products and cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical products and tobacco industry

◆ the speed of innovation has always been in the first place

as the largest industry using packaging machinery in the United States, almost all models and models are used in the food industry. Among them, soft drinks have the largest annual demand for packaging machinery, accounting for 50% in 2005; The demand for packaging machinery in the food industry grew at an average annual rate of 7% from 1994 to 2005. It is precisely because the U.S. Food Industry launches thousands of new products every year, which accelerates the upgrading of packaging machinery. Therefore, the innovation speed of packaging machinery required by the U.S. food industry has always been in the first place

◆ pay attention to brands

brands are the soul of enterprises. From the perspective of market share of packaging machinery, the top ten packaging machinery enterprises in the United States are Barry wehmillre, beinis, SA sibspa, averydeeeiso, Bosch, crowncork ha, douglasmachine, rajoues cohany, kliklk and Krones. Their success in operation mainly depends on three aspects: first, efforts to improve the popularity of the packaging machinery brand of the enterprise; Second, pay attention to the sales performance of the enterprise; Third, we attach great importance to the after-sales service of our products

◆ automation, high efficiency and energy saving of packaging machinery

the packaging machinery with promising prospects in the United States is: the packaging machinery controlled by horizontal pillow microcomputer and equipped with servo motor and electric control device with good film tension. In the future, microelectronics, computers, industrial robots, intelligent, image sensing technology and new materials will be more and more widely used in packaging machinery, and packaging machinery will tend to be automated High efficiency and energy saving

automatic operation procedures have been applied to more advanced packaging systems, such as PLG equipment and data collection system, which represent the trend of advanced packaging systems. In order to ensure a high level of productivity, automatic inspection system and efficient automatic system are essential

the packaging industry uses lighter materials to reduce shipping costs, uses specially designed components and systems to shorten production time, and works with suppliers and manufacturers to provide a variety of packaging operations with the least materials

◆ application of new technologies

the automatic operation procedure of packaging has been widely used. In order to cater to consumers, the packaging industry in the United States tends to use a large number of information labeling systems. Because the government requires packaged products to be marked with nutritional components, instructions and bar codes, the labeling system is developing towards multi-functional information

American scientists have developed a new integrated circuit detector, which can detect the deterioration time of a certain food or beverage. This new device for food quality inspection is composed of a sensor and a scanner. Its energy comes from the radio waves emitted by the scanner. The main material of the sensor is lead. When packing food, put it in the food box together. When testing, the inspectors only need to aim the scanner at the food to emit radio waves. The radio wave signal sent by the scanner will vibrate the food and send out music score waves. The music score waves are first reflected on the box wall of the food box, and then transmitted to the sensor. By calibrating the degree of vibration, the time of vibration transmission and the speed of music score transmission with a standard database, the deterioration time of the detected food can be determined instantly, The test results are quite accurate

◆ packaging tends to be diversified and multi-purpose development

the packaging industry is changing rapidly to meet the changes in consumer demand, and production tends to be diversified. Taking the food industry as an example, as Americans' consumption demand for food has changed towards multi specification, diversification and characterization, the food processing industry has invested its costs in developing packaging lines with more flexible and mobile functions. In previous years, it usually took years to develop a new packaging product, but now it only takes half a year to put the new product on the market. This fully shows that the U.S. packaging industry is fast and short in developing new varieties and products

as the packaging industry pursues combined, concise and movable packaging equipment, packaging machinery manufacturers pay more and more attention to the development of high-efficiency, multi-purpose, smaller and more flexible packaging equipment

◆ provide more convenient and safe packaging

according to the prediction of the U.S. Census Bureau, the United States will enter an aging society by 2025. The U.S. packaging industry has fully considered the potential needs of elderly consumers for packaging products, and began to develop packaging that can adapt to the characteristics of the aging society in the future, such as zipper closure, easy to open metal top cover double finger pull ring, etc, The packaging industry is committed to providing consumers with more convenient packaging

◆ packaging design is developing in line with international standards

American enterprises are committed to seeking advantageous packaging with characteristics for the global market from the aspects of packaging materials, equipment, sales, etc. In order to compete in the global market, manufacturers are committed to formulating a policy to make it conform to the development trend of international standards emphasized by designers

as Charles yusca, President of the American Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Association, said, "we are entering a new packaging world of mechatronics, laser scanning, radio frequency emission, nanotechnology and system simplification."

new development trend of German packaging machinery

the design of German packaging machinery is based on Market Research and market analysis, and strives to serve customers, especially large enterprises. With the development of science and technology and the intensification of market competition, customers have higher and higher requirements for mechanical performance, mainly in the following aspects: 1. Improve productivity to meet the requirements of delivery time and reduce the cost of technological process; For some products, packaging machinery and production machinery are also required to be connected. 2. To meet the needs of product renewal, packaging machinery should have higher flexibility and flexibility. 3. There are few equipment failures, and remote diagnosis service can be carried out in case of failure. 4. Less environmental pollution, including noise, dust and waste pollution. 5. The investment in purchasing equipment should be as little as possible, and the price should be as low as possible

(4) control switch failure: German packaging machinery manufacturers and design departments have taken the following measures to adapt to customer requirements for moderate particle size:

◆ improve the degree of automation

a few years ago, automation technology accounted for only 30% of packaging machinery design, and now it accounts for more than 50%. Microcomputer Design and electromechanical integration control are widely used to improve the degree of automation of packaging machinery. Its purposes are: first, to improve productivity; Second, to improve the flexibility and flexibility of the equipment; Third, in order to improve the ability of the packaging machinery to complete complex actions, that is, the manipulator is used to complete the packaging process

the automatic design of packaging machinery has the following two main characteristics:

① each manipulator is controlled by a separate computer

in order to complete complex packaging actions, a packaging machinery needs to be completed by multiple manipulators. Under the information and monitoring of the computer-controlled camera, the manipulator completes the specified actions according to the instructions of the computer program to ensure the quality of the packaging

② it has high resolution of material and thickness

in the process of packaging, the thickness and material changes of packaging materials are not easy to be recognized by human eyes, so computer-controlled cameras and detectors are often used in the design of packaging machinery to distinguish the thickness and material changes of packaging materials. The camera has been developed to be able to check and distinguish the captured pictures by itself and display them on the display screen. At present, the rotating speed of the machine cannot be changed during processing. In the future, the rotating speed should be changed according to the change of materials after discrimination, so as to control the work under the optimal state, complete the packaging process in the shortest time, and realize automatic cleaning, automatic disinfection and automatic cleaning

◆ improve productivity, reduce costs, and meet production requirements to the greatest extent

German packaging machinery, especially food packaging machinery, has the characteristics of high-speed complete sets, high automation and good reliability. Increasing the speed of the machine is a complex problem. The faster the speed is, the lower the cost of single piece production is, but the use area of the plant will increase. In addition, the speed of the motor is also limited, so you can't go as fast as you want. Generally speaking, increasing the speed by 15% - 20% will bring a series of complex problems

to improve productivity, in addition to increasing the speed, we can also try to solve it from other channels:

① adopt continuous work or multi head work mode. There are intermittent and continuous working modes of packaging machinery. When designing, we should strive to design it to work continuously, which will improve productivity; One should not delay without reason. According to the plastic ocean foundation, which is headquartered in the United States, multiple production lines can produce the same product or several different products, but the reliability must be improved

② reduce the scrap rate and provide a fault analysis system. Waste products cause huge losses to production, not only product losses, but also material losses. Therefore, we should try our best to reduce the scrap rate; When selling packaging machinery, it should also provide fault analysis system for maintenance services, that is, modal analysis to find faults, or remote diagnosis through internal, so as to meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent. In the future, the packaging machinery should be further intelligent, that is, the equipment should find and solve the faults by itself, so as to reduce the scrap rate and failure rate and improve the normal productivity

③ integrate product production machinery and packaging machinery. Many products are packaged at the end of production, which is also conducive to improving product productivity. For example, the chocolate production equipment and packaging equipment produced in Germany are controlled by a system. The key to the integration of the two is to solve the problem of matching each other in productivity. Packaging machinery often becomes the bottleneck of production, so it is necessary to provide equipment with different productivity

◆ adapt to product changes and design equipment with good flexibility and flexibility

in order to make packaging machinery have good flexibility and flexibility and improve the degree of automation, microcomputer technology, module technology and unit combination must be widely used. In order to adapt to the changes of packaging product varieties and packaging types, the flexibility and flexibility of packaging machinery and equipment are often shown in the following three aspects:

① flexibility of quantity. It can not only package a single product, but also adapt to different batches

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