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[LLDPE] the future market opened higher and went higher. Spot LLDPE stabilized

I. Market Overview

international crude oil rushed above 100 yuan/barrel, which boosted the future market of LLDPE and opened higher and went higher. The spot LLDPE market is relatively stable, petrochemical linear multi pricing sales, business costs are supported, and most shipments are based on the market. At present, the liquidity of terminal demand is poor, the inquiry is general, the transaction resistance is not reduced, and the support for the market is weak

II. Overview of upstream market

on Tuesday (December 27), driven by Iran's threat to block the Strait of Hormuz and optimistic economic data from the United States, the crude oil futures contract on the New York Mercantile futures exchange closed up $1.66 to $101.34/barrel. Crude oil rose again, which gave limited boost to the spot market. The purchase volume remained at the previous level, and the transaction activity was not high

on Tuesday, the Asian ethylene market was quiet, and CFR Northeast Asia/Southeast Asia closed flat at 1144 5 dollars/ton and 1083 5 dollars/ton. The on-site purchase and sales are weak, the holiday atmosphere is getting stronger, the cost fluctuation is small, and the impact on the spot price is limited. At present, the upside down situation of ethylene profit has not been substantially improved

III. local market conditions

today, LLDPE quotes are higher, market transactions are relatively general, and most merchants follow the market

the linear price of PE market in Xiamen is higher, and the market transaction is weaker. At the end of the month, petrochemicals priced more after settlement, and merchants were more supported by costs to actively ship and reduce inventory. Middlemen and downstream factories mainly continue to wait and see, with a small amount of solid purchase

the PE market quotation in Ningbo is slightly loose. The overnight rise in crude oil led to a higher opening of futures. Petrochemical pricing and sales at the end of the month supported the market atmosphere. The supply volume of mainstream traders was not high, downstream demand was on the sidelines, trading pressure remained unabated, and the actual intended price was low

the PE market quotation in Linyi market is stable with little change. The futures market opened with a small rise, and the merchants' mentality was temporarily stable, and they continued to ship goods according to the market. Downstream demand changes little, mostly wait-and-see, cautious trading, and few transactions

IV. in terms of the latest quotation

1. Sinopec quotation

the ex factory price of South China LLDPE sold by Sinopec has increased, and the implementation will be put into use. The pricing sales will be carried out, and the inventory is general. Guangzhou Petrochemical 7042 is priced at 9500 yuan/ton, and Maoming Petrochemical 7144 is priced at 9700 yuan/ton

the ex factory price of PetroChina South China LLDPE was raised, and the pricing sales were implemented. The sales situation was general. Jilin Petrochemical 7042 is priced at 9300 yuan/ton, and Lanzhou Petrochemical 7042 is priced at 9300 yuan/ton

the ex factory price of PetroChina North China LLDPE is stable, it is listed for sale, and the sales are average. The listing price of 7042 is 9320 yuan/ton, and the listing price of 7042n is 9320 yuan/ton

2. Mall quotation

as of 15:00, the individual brands of China Plastics' spot LLDPE have increased by 50 yuan/ton. Many car owners of DFD who like to use their brains have developed a simple and useful test method, a-7042/Lanzhou Petrochemical, with a minimum of 9350 yuan/ton

v. future market forecast

in terms of the news, the central bank issued 4billion yuan of one-year central bank bills only through the open market. As merchants are optimistic about the future market policy, the issuing interest rate is unchanged from the previous one, still 3.4875%. As the 10 billion yuan repurchase expired on the same day, the open market turned to inject a small amount of 6 billion yuan into the banking system. Is the fuse loose liquidity. This is the first time in the past four weeks that the central bank has released liquidity through the open market, indicating that the central bank may temporarily loosen funds at the end of the year to "help" the banking system pass the new year. The sluggish demand in the domestic spot market limits the rise, especially the decline in the market operating rate at the end of the year, and the short-term dilemma is still difficult to change

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