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[LLDPE] the market fluctuated in a narrow range, and the trading volume was not satisfactory

I. brief description of the market

lldpe market fluctuated in a narrow range. The continued rise of international crude oil slightly boosted the market mentality, and the rise of petrochemical sector also led to a slight rise in the market offer. However, at the beginning of the week, the market was full of wait-and-see, the downstream demand performance was poor, and the volume of real market transactions on the floor was not satisfactory. Mainstream price: LLDPE: yuan/ton

II. Overview of upstream market

last Friday, the latest U.S. consumer confidence index showed positive results in May, and the highest level index since October 2007 supported the trend of crude oil prices. Crude oil futures in New York rose 0.2% to $90.86 a barrel

last Friday, Asian ethylene fell $15. Cfshapeways first introduced full-color plastic 3D printing material r from Northeast Asia to $per ton, and CFR from Southeast Asia to $per ton. Magnesium hydroxide is an inorganic flame retardant with better thermal stability

III. local market prices

today's LLDPE market quotation is stable. The mentality of businesses is not relaxed, lacking substantial positive support, and the range of market changes is limited

Linyi has few linear resources, and the quotation is slightly higher than last Friday by about 30. Traders reflect that there will be many sources of goods arriving in recent days, and it is difficult to have a better market in the later period. Lanhua/Daqing 5000S is tax-free 10700 yuan/ton, low melting injection molding is tax-free 9450 yuan/ton, Zhenhai 7042 is tax-free yuan/ton, Yangzi 1802 is tax-free 9220 yuan/ton, 2102tn26 is tax-free 9650 yuan/ton, and 6084a is reported as 10900 yuan/ton

the PE quotation in Tianjin fluctuated and stabilized, with little change compared with last Friday, CNPC 7042 reported 9900 yuan/ton "This football is made of impranil series polyurethane raw materials. 7420d is quoted at 9650 yuan/ton, Iran 0220kj is quoted at 9620 yuan/ton, PetroChina 18D is quoted at 10370 yuan/ton, 2426k is quoted at 10120 yuan/ton, 0030 is quoted at 10350 yuan/ton, 9085 is quoted at 9850 yuan/ton, 9020 is quoted at 9850 yuan/ton.

the PE quotation around Yanshan is mainly stable, with little change compared with last Friday. The morning inquiry and transaction atmosphere is general, 5200b is quoted at 5200 yuan/ton, 5000S is quoted at 11100 yuan/ton, 5502 yuan/ton, 5070 is quoted at 104 00 yuan/ton, Dushanzi 8008 reported 10350 yuan/ton, 1c7a reported 11900 yuan/ton

IV. in terms of the latest quotation, the listing price of PetroChina South China LLDPE fell individually: 7042 (Jihua) fell 250 yuan/ton to 9750 yuan/ton, 7042 (Lanhua) fell 250 yuan/ton to 9750 yuan/ton, and 7042 (Dushanzi) fell 250 yuan/ton to 9750 yuan/ton

according to the overall idea of "innovation driven, intelligent transformation, complementing weaknesses, and basic support", the price of Sinopec LLDPE is stable: 9600 yuan/ton for 1801, 9700 yuan/ton for 1802, and 9650 yuan/ton for 7042

PetroChina East China LLDPE pricing fell: 7042 (Dushanzi) fell 200 yuan/ton to 9800 yuan/ton, 7042n (Lanhua) fell 200 yuan/ton to 9800 yuan/ton, 7042 (Daqing/Lanhua) fell 200 yuan/ton to 9800 yuan/ton, 7042 (Jihua) fell 200 yuan/ton to 9800 yuan/ton

v. future forecast

the convening of the G8 meeting did not draw a conclusion to solve the European crisis. On the contrary, the eurozone countries were ready for Greece's exit. The signs of real estate recovery shown by the data of the United States last week increased, but the recovery of the manufacturing industry slowed down. At the same time, the manufacturing industry in Central Europe was in negative growth, and the signs of global economic growth slowdown still exist. The peripheral environment is good at changing, and market confidence is difficult to sustain. Some petrochemicals sell at fixed prices after price reduction, and the transaction resistance is not reduced. Businesses are mostly waiting for petrochemical price guidance. It is expected that the short-term market will still maintain a stable and slightly volatile pattern

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