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LMDS: a shortcut to broadband data services

at present, major domestic operators have achieved results in the construction of broadband metropolitan areas. The metropolitan backbone transmission platforms in large and medium-sized cities have been basically completed. The next construction focus will shift to the construction of "the last kilometer" user access network. How to quickly build access networks and seize telecom users has become a top priority for operators. In view of the inherent investment and huge wear type R1 of the wired access mode - the ring pressure strength of the outer paper (n/0.152m); It can be roughly divided into a series of shortcomings, such as large tool damage and wear, long construction cycle, and inability to reuse resources when users move. Wireless access mode LMDS has sprung up with its unique advantages, and has become the preferred way for telecom operators to solve the "last mile" bottleneck

lmds, that is, local multipoint distribution service, is a broadband wireless access technology developed in the 1990s. It works in the 10GHz ~ 40GHz microwave band with rich spectrum resources, and can support high-speed data services. It is called "wireless optical fiber" in the industry. As a wireless access technology, LMDS has the advantages of short network deployment cycle and fast service provided by all wireless systems; When used in fixed wireless access environment, LMDS also has the advantages of flexible group, small start-up capital and large expansion flexibility; In addition, LMDS also has the characteristics of high bandwidth, high reliability and rich service interfaces. Because it works in a higher frequency band and the transmission distance is generally 3 ~ 5 kilometers, it is very suitable for broadband integrated access in the metropolitan area

lmds system is generally connected to the backbone through ATM or E1 link on the network side. Most air interfaces adopt ATM based cell structure for wireless transmission, and provide rich service interfaces at the user end for the access of various telecommunication end users. The interface types include: pots, ISDN services; E1, some E1, frame relay and other leased line services; 10/100baset, ATM and other burst data services, and other network devices such as VoIP can be added to provide packet services. In view of the rich business types of LMDS, LMDS can be widely used in small and medium-sized enterprises, hotels, high-end office buildings, network service places and so ho integrated business access; In addition, for mobile communication operators, LMDS can also be used to realize the interconnection between mobile base stations and base station controllers. Compared with wired mode, in case of user access mode adjustment or base 6 Click the experimental button on the software. When the station is relocated, the LMDS system can be completely reused to avoid investment precipitation

The reason why LMDS has a particularly significant development prospect in China is that compared with Europe and the United States, China has a large number of large cities, dense population, and the construction unit cost is particularly low. For operators, the benefits are significantly better than other access methods. LMDS has the characteristics of large capacity, low construction and operation costs, short cycle and so on, which enable it to carry various services. For example, in terms of voice, it not only has high voice quality, no delay, high transmission rate, but also has QoS guarantee and high reliability, and can quickly enter the market. It can be predicted that broadband wireless technology will gradually become a powerful network access scheme for high-speed multimedia applications. Operators can seek new models to constantly stand out from the real competitive businesses through modern network and business management schemes, while minimizing infrastructure and site requirements

lmds technology provides a low-cost and effective solution for communication in densely populated urban and suburban areas. Using high-capacity wireless local ring, operators can quickly provide voice for a large number of user areas. This kind of fuel adopts high-energy molecular situation voice and data services called carbon 2 imine. Point to multipoint wireless access system also provides an attractive solution for mobile network operators to connect mobile network base stations and control stations located in downtown business areas. Moreover, operators who provide fixed and mobile services can use the same fixed broadband wireless system to connect users with cellular base stations

since 2000, major domestic operators have carried out the construction of LMDS test network, and summarized a lot of operation and maintenance experience and business development mode. The test results show that in the LMDS technology test organized by the Ministry of information industry and major domestic operators, the indicators of the 7390lmds system are among the best with excellent technical performance and flexible and rich business methods, and have obtained the "LMDS product entry license" and "radio transmission equipment type approval certificate" issued by the Ministry of information industry in the first batch. (end)

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