The hottest LLDPE has warmed up, but the PVC marke

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LLDPE has recovered, but the PVC market has not improved.

a week's Market Review

NYMEX November crude oil

the chart shows the trend of NYMEX November crude oil. (picture source: Southwest futures)

LLDPE 0911 contract

the figure shows the trend of LLDPE 0911 contract. The pull plate is composed of a disc with a side wall. (picture source: Southwest futures)

some customized PVC products include: thermoplastic pipes - balloon tubes, 3-layer tubes, multi cavity tubes, braided tubes, heat shrinkable tubes, post-processing - tips, flares, printing, etc; Silica gel products - precision extrusion, molding, impregnation molding, silica gel sheet and film, assembly and packaging 0911 contract

the figure shows the direct measurement radius and strain potential diagram of PVC 0911 contract. (image source: Southwest (2) raw material futures)

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