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[LLDPE weekly review] there is a long way to go down. The price hit the low point in 2006.

I. this week's market (October 6 to October 10):

in the middle of this week, the LLDPE warehouse receipt market was affected by many negative factors, and the market price continued to fall. The LLDPE market price has hit the lowest point in 2006. The market trading atmosphere is clear. Vesta's extensive silicon production capacity and deep expertise in the field of precision thermoplastic extrusion can complement Lubrizol's business, Middlemen and downstream manufacturers have no intention of covering positions. LLDPE warehouse receipt index closed at 1014.39 points, down 138.2 points from last week. The specific trend of the week is as follows:

on Monday, the main warehouse receipt ll0812 opened low and went low, laying the foundation for the downward market of the week. At the end of the day, the K line closed at the short negative line; On Tuesday, the main warehouse receipt lldpe0812 continued to open low and go low, and the closing of the K-line in the late trading led to the shadow line and the negative line; The main warehouse receipt ll0812 rebounded on Wednesday. However, due to the strength of the short side being better than many parties, the price closed lower and higher than 11000 yuan/ton. The settlement of ll08012 on Thursday was 10687 yuan/ton

the transaction details of a week are as follows:

warehouse receipt variety

settlement price (yuan/ton)

LLDPE warehouse receipts were traded this Sunday (batch)

LLDPE warehouse receipt order quantity (batch)

this weekend

last weekend

rise and fall

this week

last week

increase and decrease

this weekend

last weekend

increase and decrease




↓ 1293



↓ 12 the traffic jam mode is also turned on in some sections of the other three congestion prone lines leaving Beijing 09



↓ 83




↓ 1393

II Comprehensive analysis:

from the daily K-line chart of the index, this week's K-line combination entity has four Yin and one Yang, and the 5-day moving average slowly downward away from the top of the entity. The weekly K-line shows that this week's entity reported a bare headed and barefoot Yin line, the KDJ index is passivated, and the area of MACD green column is reduced. As of this Sunday, the K-line of the main variety ll0812 showed that its closing price fell to 11759 yuan/ton, significantly lower than last week, and the market has signs of falling; Bol line opening operates horizontally; KDJ index is on the price track down

international crude oil fell sharply this week. As of the close of this Friday, WTI crude oil closed at $86.59/barrel, down $7.38/barrel from last Friday; Brent crude oil was reported at $82.66/barrel, down $7.90 barrel from last Friday. International crude oil plummeted, ethylene monomers continued to decline, and the external quotation was lowered in October. The market sales of PE US gold this week were poor

spot: after the National Day holiday, the market did not improve as expected, but continued the downturn in September, and even intensified. The financial crisis in the United States is affecting the world. Affected by this, businesses are increasingly bearish. The PE spot market continued to decline, and middlemen and downstream based on the idea of "buying up rather than buying down", the trading intention was weak, and market transactions were scarce. As of the deadline of the author, the mainstream price of LLDPE is yuan/ton, that of LDPE is yuan/ton, and that of HDPE is yuan/ton. There are many main negative factors that cause the market downturn. In terms of petrochemical manufacturers, although the inventory of domestic petrochemical manufacturers is better than that in the early stage, at present, market participants lack enthusiasm for operation, and a better human-machine interface. Although the ex factory price of petrochemical manufacturers has fallen again and again, businesses still have little profit, so it is hesitant to implement the plan and bill. Moreover, in the later stage, stone petrochemical manufacturers basically had no maintenance plan, and the unit operation rate was high. Therefore, the inventory pressure and sales pressure of petrochemical manufacturers still exist; In terms of downstream demand, the peak season of agricultural film demand expected by businesses in September did not appear. Entering October, the agricultural film season will gradually come to an end. Moreover, in recent years, the PE market has gradually weakened the difference between the light and peak seasons. In addition, the current economy is not optimistic, and the demand is difficult to see a substantial improvement. On the whole, the avalanche of the PE market once again shattered the little confidence left by businesses, and the bear market in the PE market has basically been positioned. Surrounded by many negative factors, the decline of PE market is difficult to change in the short term

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