The hottest LLDPE is caught in a long-term seesaw

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LLDPE has been caught in a long-term seesaw battle in the short term. Although the rebound after the National Day holiday is expected, the space for its rebound is immediately suspicious. Although the peak consumption season, which most of the market had high hopes, has come, it has not given the market too many surprises, and negative factors such as the release of newly expanded capacity and the poor downstream demand are still a sword hanging on the hearts of bulls, with a chilling atmosphere Affected by the substantial increase in production capacity, the seasonal start-up of the agricultural film industry has been desalinated year by year, but it cannot completely get rid of the constraints of seasonal demand. The traditional month is the peak season of greenhouse film production in autumn, and the start-up of mid-range film production enterprises in the market also improved significantly in September this year. What is the reason for the bulls to launch the offensive without worrying about the fact that the peak season is not prosperous, and the air force is temporarily at a disadvantage? The author has the following two points of view with you

one. The long-term weakness of the US dollar and the fear of a new round of inflation made gold prices rise side by side with oil prices. At the same time, the relatively strong signal of economic recovery made the market optimistic about crude oil demand. But I don't think so. Although the oil price rises, it is more based on the worries of global investment funds about future inflation and buying commodities with strategic investment value to preserve value and avoid risk. Crude oil is one of its choices. This can also explain why the kinetic energy of gold prices has not exhausted after breaking the historical high, but in the short-term rest. I wish the meeting "forward integration" is the key word here, and the discussion will be better and better! As the final upstream product of plastics, the trend of crude oil has a decisive impact on its price. After all, oil price is directly related to the cost of plastics. The leading indicators of plates that can be processed into various shapes and sizes and various required thicknesses released by the organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) on the 9th show that the economies of the world's major developed economies are gradually recovering and even realizing the formula for calculating the compressive strength of wrapped cartons: growth, after hitting the bottom one after another earlier this year. The leading indicator for measuring the economic activities of the 30 member economies of the organization rose to 99.2 in August, not only higher than 97.7 in July, but also increased for the sixth consecutive month. I believe that behind these data growth is the future inflation in exchange for today's economic growth, so I believe that such economic growth is still fragile, after all, substantive consumption is not optimistic

the chart shows the trend of crude oil prices in the United States. (image source: China Switzerland Finance)

we can see from the above figure that the oil price has not yet left the shock region, and the pattern of up and down consolidation around $70 has not been broken. After all, if the oil price rises sharply now, it is bound to affect the recovering global economy, and the recovery time will be extended. Therefore, the temporary fluctuation of oil price around 70 is not only in the interests of oil producing countries, but also has a great supporting effect on the current economy

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