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The unsaturated resin market was partially lowered, and the overall price was stable.

the domestic unsaturated polyester resin market was reorganized and operated, and some signs of reduction appeared. The rise and fall of raw material market in the early stage are limited, and the current price is basically stable, but the current support is weak, and the market has declined; On the whole, since the second half of the year, the terminal demand has increased, and the orders in the month have remained flat. In the first half of the year, about 737million yuan of credit was put into the market, but most of it flowed into the stock market and real estate market. In order to guard against the "W" trend of the economy, the central bank began to "fine tune". At the same time, credit investment contracted, causing fluctuations in market confidence, the number of investment fell, and most of the funds left the market. The highly concerned crude oil rebounded within the week and quickly returned to $70/barrel, mainly due to the decline of the US dollar; It is difficult for economic data to stimulate the crude oil market. The recent trend has been divorced from the impact of the stock market. There are also concerns about the continued high demand and output in the future. The international crude oil price has attracted much attention. Led by the sharp decline of the stock market, more and more products will be spared by adopting spray free materials, crude oil hovers around $70/barrel, and bulk chemical products will be pressured. In short, the terminal demand improved slowly, and the factory price of raw materials rose. However, the increase in consumption was limited, but it failed to increase in large quantities; At present, the main reason for the continuous downturn of the market is that when the financial crisis spreads to the real economy, we can only pay attention to and wait for the recovery of market confidence with lower production costs when we judge when the market will come out of the trough and when it will be the bottom. At present, the glass fiber reinforced plastics and yacht industries are not under construction. The export of furniture coatings, Polaroid boards, buttons, jade like handicrafts, artificial marble, agate and granite has been declining continuously. The export of handicrafts has dropped significantly. The impact of Guangdong and Fujian handicrafts enterprises is very great. Experts in China's unsaturated resin market said that the market situation on the last trading day (September 21) - the mainstream quotation in East China was 191 8100 ~ 8300 yuan/ton, 196 8800 ~ 9000 yuan/ton; The mainstream quotation in North China is 191 × 8400 ~ 8600 yuan/ton, 196 × 9100 ~ 9300 yuan/ton; The mainstream quotation in South China is 191 × 8700 ~ 9000 yuan/ton, 196 × 9700 ~ 9900 yuan/ton

on the last trading day (September 21), domestic unsaturated resin raw materials were sorted out in a narrow range with limited rise and fall. The rise of raw materials last month led to an increase of 500 yuan/ton of unsaturated resin. Later, due to the fluctuation and limited range of raw materials, the factory price of the manufacturer will not be adjusted temporarily and will remain stable; At present, the sales situation of each factory has improved - compared with the first half of the year, some of them have also increased slightly compared with the same period last year, but the profit is meager. At present, the international crude oil is running at a high level, driving the top atmosphere, and the manufacturers are rising one after another after leaving the factory, which is only driven by the transfer of raw materials. It is not the demand that fundamentally prevents the tide and mildew from destroying the parts of the tension machine; Up to the favorable guidance of raw materials in the early stage, some manufacturers added, the order volume increased, and the downstream atmosphere was slightly active. However, the raw materials have been slightly weak since the beginning of the week. At present, they have changed from rising to falling, mainly falling, with varying ranges and narrow ranges. According to the introduction of experts in China's unsaturated resin market, there are many factors for styrene to win: it is difficult to find the low-end supply in Jiangsu, and the transaction is concentrated in the high-end. The transaction price is 8700 ~ 8800 yuan/ton, down 100 yuan/ton; The negotiation in Fujian is general, the market is good, and the transaction price is 9100 ~ 9200 yuan/ton; The market supply in Wenzhou is general, and the transaction price is 9100 ~ 9200 yuan/ton; Hebei/Tianjin is short of quotation, and the transaction price is 9000 ~ 9100 yuan/ton, down 100 yuan/ton; The inquiry in South China is general, with a moderate adjustment, and the transaction price is 9200 ~ 9300 yuan/ton. Maleic anhydride raw materials are at a high level and the downstream receiving is stable: the market in East China is strong, with a quotation of 7400 ~ 7500 yuan/ton and a transaction price of 7200 ~ 7300 yuan/ton; The regional market of load sensor selection in North China fluctuated slightly, with the transaction price of 7000 ~ 7100 yuan/ton, down 100 yuan/ton; The transaction price in South China is 7300 ~ 7400 yuan/ton, down 100 yuan/ton. The phthalic anhydride market is calm and the inventory is relatively small: the trading in East China is flat, the quotation is 7900 ~ 8000 yuan/ton, down 100 yuan/ton, the transaction price is 7800 ~ 7900 yuan/ton, down 100 yuan/ton; The market demand in South China is slow, with a quotation of 8200 yuan/ton and a transaction price of 8000 ~ 8100 yuan/ton; The supply of goods in North China is general, and the transaction price is 7900 ~ 8000 yuan/ton, down 100 yuan/ton

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