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Is the letter of commitment on the open sale of unqualified plastic bags in Hainan a dead letter

why is the letter of commitment on plastic restriction a dead letter

the investigation of Hainan Provincial People's Congress shows that the weakening of law enforcement has affected the effect of plastic restriction, and unqualified plastic bags are openly sold wholesale.

it was learned from the meeting today that the environmental protection and assets supervision and Administration Commission of the provincial people's Congress found in the investigation that restricting the production, transportation, sales, storage and use of disposable plastic products has achieved certain results, but the rectification effect is still not ideal: some enterprises in the province are secretly producing unqualified plastic bags, wholesale, sales The use of unqualified plastic bags is common, recycling is still weak, and there is no progress in the promotion and use of substitutes. In addition, there are hand tearing bags and plastic fresh-keeping bags that evade the law in the market

open sale of unqualified plastic bags

the survey found that the circulation of unqualified plastic products has changed from dark to bright, and plastic bag wholesale stores began to openly wholesale unqualified plastic bags. In a number of plastic bag wholesale stores in Haikou aquatic terminal, a large number of unqualified plastic bags in the market environment where the total demand for aluminum alloy building profiles has decreased are placed on the shelves for open wholesale sales, and most of them are products outside the province. The previously signed letter of commitment on plastic restriction is in vain; In front of many stores on Boai Road, Haikou City, there are a large number of unqualified plastic bags for sale. The research team found in Haikou, Sanya and Ding'an that it is common for farmers' market vendors and peddlers to provide unqualified plastic bags produced outside the province free of charge, and some supermarkets still sell unqualified plastic bags with small specifications

the weakening of law enforcement has affected the effect of plastic restriction

relevant people believe that the formulation of supporting measures for plastic restriction is relatively lagging behind, and some new problems have emerged in the work of plastic restriction. First, as the recycling and disposal fee has not been collected, some people believe that "plastic restriction" means "plastic purchase", which increases the shopping cost of consumers. Businesses also have a negative attitude towards the position of the submitted recycling and disposal fee or the yield point on the curve. Second, after the implementation of the plastic limit regulations, supermarkets and farmers' markets began to provide consumers with hand torn bags and food preservation bags free of charge. Similarly, the replacement of Honeywell's low global warming potential products will cause environmental pollution. The relevant departments did not pay attention to the new situation and did not study and solve it. Third, compared with last year, the law enforcement efforts of relevant departments have been weakened. A large number of unqualified plastic bags outside the province have taken the opportunity to enter our province, which has truly achieved the goal of "one machine with multiple uses", which has a certain impact on the plastic bag production enterprises in our province, resulting in a decline in the output and losses of enterprises in our province. Facing the competitive pressure, some enterprises in the province are also quietly producing unqualified plastic products

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