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Urban and rural homework "versatile" only this one can satisfy you

urban and rural operation "versatile" only this one can satisfy you

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with more and more urban construction turning from "large-scale demolition and construction" to "stock updating", the construction environment presents a compact trend. Facing complex and diverse working conditions, traffic and transportation restrictions, high load of earthwork and stonework, it can not only hold large sites, but also flexibly construct on small sites, The 13T model with excellent operation efficiency and high profitability is bound to become the fragrant nest that users want to have

for those who buy excavators for the first time, 13T excavators can be used as entry-level universal machines. For users who have excavators on hand, 13T excavators can cope with a variety of working conditions, so that you will not miss the project. Whether it is a large-scale site or a small-scale site, Shengang 13T excavator can respond flexibly

Shengang 13T excavators include SK and sk140lc-8. Their small size can show great power

let's see what they are proud of. Does dust enter the hydraulic system

efficient operation

● Mitsubishi d04fr engine is adopted, which has strong excavation capacity and excellent ability to walk natural granite building plates gb/t18601 ⑵ 001. At the same time, it enhances the rotation force, shortens the excavation cycle and improves the operation efficiency

kobelco enables you to save fuel.

● with the help of three technologies, namely, new hydraulic system, ITCs system and common rail electronic control engine, unnecessary fuel and power losses are reduced to achieve lower fuel consumption. The two operation modes can be easily switched. Select the s-gear mode to give priority to low fuel consumption, which is applicable to general operation, and pay attention to the fuel saving mode. The fuel consumption can be reduced by 10% within the same operation time. H gear mode, applicable to the operation in pursuit of speed

※1. Compared with the previous generation models of the brand

※2. The above data are the maximum values under specific experimental conditions and are for reference only

differences may occur in different work sites or operating conditions

strong enough to correspond to the strong quality of large-scale projects

● the large and small arms use the enhanced version to promote the construction of green consumption mode, which is firm and reliable; The bucket opening is wide and the bucket teeth are large

● the upper and lower frames use thickened steel plates to improve durability; The diameter of the track chain pin is also increased to improve the strength

cab design with full consideration of the line of sight of excavator

● 13T excavator adopts the cab of large excavator, taking into account the ease of operation and construction safety

do the above four performance features make you fully feel the power of the 13T excavator in performance

in fact, it is not only these, but also has an excellent performance in the economy

efficient operation brings high profitability

● 13T model not only has excellent performance configuration, but also brings you high profits

for example, SK model 0.52M ³、 Sk140lc-8 model 0.57M ³ The large bucket capacity design makes the operation more efficient. To load 10m ³ For example, 0.4m ³ The 7T small excavator with bucket capacity needs to be loaded for about 25 times, and 0.52M is used ³ Doorong's sk13 electrical copper rod tensile testing machine refers to the testing of mechanical properties such as tensile strength, tensile load, tensile strength, tensile deformation, tensile failure, tensile load, breaking strength, elongation after fracture, breaking strength, elongation, yield strength, shear strength, elastic modulus, bending strength, etc. of copper rods and their products in the electrical field. It can be completed only after about 19 loading times. The work efficiency is greatly improved. Especially for the projects with large volume of dumping and large scope of operation in rural areas, the efficiency advantage of 13T is even greater

the operation efficiency is high, and the income naturally increases with it. Compared with small excavators, the investment payback period should be shortened by more than 8 months

※ according to the investigation of Shengang

corresponding to a variety of working conditions

● as SK is also active in a variety of working conditions, its body width is 2.8m, and the maximum excavation radius is 9.9m. In some road repair projects with narrow space, its play will be limited

the 13T excavator has a body width of 2.49M and a maximum excavation radius of 8.34m. It can operate flexibly in a narrow space. Even if there is no small excavator in hand, it will not miss the opportunity to contract engineering projects

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