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Upgrading the structure of China's hardware industry and expanding the economic scale of clusters. The potential of the hardware industry can not be underestimated, and its development speed and quality are also greatly affected by external factors. Therefore, it is very necessary for the government to support it on the premise of grasping its development trend. To sum up, China's hardware industry cluster will have a rapid development in the coming period, and will develop towards a more professional, market-oriented and international direction and gradually mature

analysis of current main development trends

the economic scale of the hardware industry cluster is gradually expanding

an important reason why the industry cluster has attracted widespread attention is its high growth. Most of the polyurethane rigid foam will become the "main force" of building insulation materials. The industry cluster has a strong growth capacity. Due to the rapid economic growth of the whole country, the growth rate of China's industrial clusters is more prominent, Due to the high growth capacity of industrial clusters, the trend of their scale expansion is very obvious

After more than 20 years of development, China's hardware industry clusters have become the main driving force of economic growth and an important source of international competitiveness in some regions, playing an increasingly important role in regional economic development. While the original industrial clusters in the eastern coastal areas are maturing, the division of labor is becoming more and more refined, resulting in some new industrial clusters

regional brands have become a new direction for the development of industrial clusters

industrial clusters can become an important carrier for the growth of regional brands and corporate brands, and the promotion of regional brands and corporate brands will further promote the development of industrial clusters, forming a good interaction between the two. After more than 20 years of development, a large number of enterprise brands and product brands have emerged in China's industrial clusters. On the basis of enterprise brands and product brand groups, the industrial clusters have gradually upgraded and expanded, and finally formed strong regional brands. At present, brands have become the development focus and important means of competition of industrial clusters

leading enterprises continue to grow

in recent years, the market competition has become more and more fierce. The enterprises in the hardware industry cluster have also experienced the baptism of competition at home and abroad. Some excellent enterprises stand out and continue to grow, becoming the leading enterprises in the industrial cluster. Taking Zhejiang as an example, the internal organizational structure of Hangzhou industrial cluster has been continuously optimized, and many large-scale enterprise groups such as superstar technology have emerged, and many enterprises are exploring to operate according to the modern enterprise system and international prevailing rules

the industrial structure presents the trend of gradual upgrading

with the change of market competition and regional comparative advantage, structural upgrading has become an inevitable trend for the development of hardware industry clusters. In recent years, the National Hardware industry cluster has actively innovated, continuously improved the industrial structure, and promoted the industrial cluster to improve its competitiveness. In accordance with the principle of marketization, Haining has established supporting functional institutions to promote industrial development, such as industrial R & D center, product design center, quality inspection center and industrial information center; At the same time, relying on the professional area, we will actively create a training base for skilled workers to improve their labor skills and comprehensive quality. In addition, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu and other places have actively promoted the development of high-tech industrial agglomeration, promoted the evolution of industrial parks towards industrial clusters, and the embryonic form of high-tech industrial clusters has initially emerged, which will help promote the structural upgrading of industrial clusters and improve the overall structural status of industrial clusters

analysis on the advantages of hardware industry cluster

1. It is conducive to the in-depth division of labor among enterprises, which is conducive to specialization and refinement, efficiency improvement and technological innovation

in industrial clusters, the business model of enterprises is generally core competence plus outsourcing. That is, every enterprise will focus all its capital and energy on the point where it has the most advantage, and make it the cheapest and best in China, or even the cheapest and most tolerable in the world. This is the core competence of the enterprise. Other work, including the production of other parts, product design, sales and other related businesses, are outsourced to other professional companies. In this way, each product is a summary of the core competencies of many enterprises.

2. Industrial clusters are conducive to saving transaction costs.

in industrial clusters, enterprises are faced with a large number of nearby raw material suppliers and equipment suppliers. Therefore, they can compare with three suppliers, and can purchase various inputs, including raw materials, parts, machinery and equipment, and various services at a lower cost, higher requirements, and faster speed, And various human resources

3. Industrial clusters are conducive to the mutual promotion of industries and professional markets. Industrial clusters are conducive to the formation of professional markets, which in turn will further promote the development of industrial clusters. First, because there are professional markets with great influence at home and abroad, it is conducive to the product sales of enterprises

second, because there are many specialized markets, it is convenient for enterprises to purchase raw materials and auxiliary materials, and the price is very low

thirdly, these specialized markets are both product distribution centers and information distribution centers. While people have gathered similar products at home and abroad, they have also gathered relevant information at home and abroad. With this information, the enterprises in the cluster can timely improve their designs and varieties and quickly adjust their product structure. Enterprises can continuously reduce costs, providing external power and pressure

4. Industrial clusters are more likely to stimulate competitive awareness.

in industrial clusters, the same kind of products are not produced by one enterprise, but by many enterprises. These enterprises will naturally compete with each other. This kind of competition is face-to-face. Many similar enterprises are even door-to-door and door-to-door

5. Industrial clusters are conducive to attracting investment.

after studying the industrial development models in many parts of the country, we find that industrial clusters are the best investment environment. Industrial cluster itself represents the market and business opportunities. Industrial cluster is a good project incubator and business incubator. Some people with insight can constantly find blank areas for investment here. It is the investment in these blank areas that makes the industrial supporting system and service system of the cluster increasingly perfect, and the industrial chain continues to extend

in addition, the establishment of enterprises in industrial clusters not only has low entry costs, but also low exit costs. As there are hundreds or thousands of similar enterprises, individual enterprises close down due to poor management, or need to sell due to industrial restructuring, including selling some assets, it is easy to find buyers, because there are many high-quality enterprises in urgent need of expansion, and mergers and acquisitions of local enterprises are the best way for them to expand at low cost. It is not only conducive to attracting external direct investment, but also conducive to the financing of enterprises within the cluster in the domestic and foreign capital markets

6. Industrial clusters are conducive to the treatment of credit deficiency.

credit deficiency is a persistent disease in China's current market economy. According to media reports, the invalid cost in market transactions caused by credit deficiency has accounted for 10% to 20% of China's GDP, and the direct and indirect economic losses are as high as 585.5 billion yuan per year. In the case of serious lack of credit, regional industrial clusters are effective measures to reduce transaction costs and avoid credit loss

regional industries are concentrated. Many enterprises in the same industry and related industries are concentrated in the same city. They know each other well. Whether they default, fabricate or evade debts, they are not commonly used in various metals, nonmetals, composite materials, medicine, food, wood, copper, aluminum, plastic profiles, wires and cables, paper, film, rubber, textiles Outsiders in aerospace and other industries who conduct tensile property index tests are all local people. Once someone has cheated others, such information will be immediately spread in the local area, and it is difficult for him to gain a foothold in the local area

moreover, because the buyers and sellers are very close to each other, the buyers do not pay for the products, and the sellers sell fake goods. The cost of debt collection and return is very low. If you refuse to pay, I can go to your house every day. I don't have to fly or stay in a hotel. It takes me ten or eight minutes to pay

in the industrial cluster, the bosses of various enterprises are already familiar with each other. He pointed out that they are partners who grew up together. The long-term business contacts have further enhanced mutual friendship and trust. People have formed a friendship of mutual help and trust due to geography, kinship and business relationship. The trading activities between enterprises are carried out on the basis of this friendship. Under such circumstances, enterprises generally do not have dishonesty such as fraud, fraud, malicious default, etc

7. Industrial clusters can promote enterprise innovation and make a region a learning organization.

in the location of industrial clusters, users, dealers and suppliers at home and abroad gather here, and all kinds of the latest market information, product information and technical information are gathered here, which will be the source of innovation. In addition, the exchange of various information within the cluster has become more frequent, which leads to more opportunities for innovative ideas to collide. In addition, the competition within the cluster and the exchange between enterprise personnel also make the desire of enterprises to learn stronger, and reduce the cost of learning, which is easier to produce learning effects

8. Industrial clusters are conducive to the creation of regional brands

in the highly competitive market economy society, not only products but also enterprises need brands, that is, a city and a county also need brands. The brand of the product indicates the unique performance and quality of the product, while the regional brand indicates the regional industrial advantages and product characteristics

just as products with strong brand influence can attract more consumers, regions with strong brand influence can attract more distributors, suppliers, investors and various talents. At present, China's major hardware industry bases have promoted the prosperity of upstream and downstream industries to varying degrees, which is very beneficial to the overall development of regional economy

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