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Zhongzhou Futures: the upstream and downstream of the PTA fell to the limit and closed

on Tuesday, dragged down by the overnight crude oil slump, the PTA of Zhengshang exchange continued to vibrate downward after opening at a low price of 7120 yuan in the morning, and then reached the stop price of 7094 yuan, and closed at this price. Today's trading volume shrank significantly compared with the previous trading day, and the daily position was reduced by 4784 hands

in the upstream market, affected by the turmoil in the U.S. financial industry and the less than expected damage to energy facilities caused by Hurricane "Ike", the price of nymex10 crude oil futures fell sharply by $5.47 overnight to $95.71. The investment agreement signed with the U.S. was 22 yuan/barrel, a new low in the past seven months, easily falling below the psychological price of $100/barrel. Dragged down by the weakness of crude oil, PX prices have also fallen steadily, and its cost support role for PTA has become increasingly weak. In addition, the downturn in the downstream market can not be ignored. The fall creep is caused by the readjustment of the molecular and atomic structure of materials. The failure of the market expectation in the winter peak season of one machine multi-purpose has greatly damaged the market confidence. The market sentiment has been lax. The distribution and opening up of packaging business has slowed down the demand. Affected by the market fluctuations, the dealers generally respond to the difficulty of sales, and there is also a certain pressure on the inventory

technically, ta0811 is still in the decline channel, and Brin's off track has caused great pressure on the futures price. It is recommended to hold empty orders carefully

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