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The "upgraded" New Trailer drilling rig was offline in the coal mining machinery Co., Ltd.

the "upgraded" New Trailer drilling rig was offline in the coal mining machinery Co., Ltd.

recently, an "upgraded" New Trailer drilling rig was offline in the coal mining machinery Co., Ltd., which is a rotary table rotary drilling rig The drilling tower is reasonably designed and installed on the trailer, which can make the drilling rig "walk away" and move rapidly at the drilling site, saving the labor and time spent on handling, and making the drilling operation more labor-saving and efficient. The drilling rig is designed with the latest integrated tandem double winch structure, a new four gear gearbox and a large diameter rotary table. The whole machine is compact and easy to operate. The use of the material testing machine is limited to a few fields such as metal, which is highly reliable. The drill tower adopts the original rear folding structure, which greatly shortens the transportation length and has a large bearing capacity. After testing, many performance indexes are higher than those of the same industry. It is an ideal upgrading product of the existing trailer type double winch drilling rig

drilling rig products are the traditional brand and provincial famous brand products of the coal mining machinery company. They have been recognized by the market and users for a long time, and complete sets of equipment have been exported to many countries. In order to improve the series of drilling products and broaden the market space, the company independently developed spt-600spt-800 Trailer drilling rig on the basis of the mature development of rotary table drilling rig. The trailer chassis selected by the drilling rig is made of high-strength plates made by professional manufacturers. It is a three-axis full trailer. In addition to overturning hydraulic outriggers, the chassis is also equipped with mechanical locking outriggers to ensure stable and reliable support. The drilling tower has reasonable overall structure, large operating space and strong bearing capacity. The drilling rig can drill in Quaternary fine particle bottom layer and general soft rock layer. The drilling depth is 600~800m, and the drift diameter of the rotary table is 655mm. It is applicable to the construction of water wells, hydrogeological exploration holes, in-situ uranium extraction wells, grouting holes, shallow coal seam pores, engineering construction grouting holes or other engineering holes. The trailer drilling rig is also equipped with a reversible working platform, ladder, drill pipe pulley, track, mud manifold, etc. users only need to add a small number of configurations to start drilling, which is more labor-saving, economical and practical

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