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Unqualified ultra-thin plastic bags are still in use. Plastic restriction makes difficult consumers indifferent. On December 1, it has been half a year since the plastic restriction was implemented. What is the effect of plastic restriction? From November 19 to 24, relevant personnel of the International Food Packaging Association and Beijing keyvia environmental protection technology consulting center investigated 10 chain supermarkets, 10 fairs and 100 plastic bag users. The survey results show that the charging of plastic shopping bags in supermarkets is well implemented, but few fairs actually implement the plastic restriction order, and some fairs continue to use unqualified ultra-thin plastic bags

during the investigation, the staff found that all Dalian lock supermarkets in Beijing were able to purchase plastic shopping bags in a unified way, with clear prices. The prices ranged from 0.1 to 1 yuan according to the size and specifications of the shopping bags. Beijing Jingkelong, meilianmei and other supermarkets also provide customers with non-woven bags, woven bags and paper bags of different specifications and prices at the cashier; Beijing Wal Mart supermarket and its subsidiary Wangshi Baili changed plastic restriction to plastic prohibition, no longer providing customers with plastic shopping bags, but providing customers with non-woven bags at the price of 1 yuan/piece

however, the use of plastic bags with clearly marked prices is rising quietly. The survey results show that in the past six months, the use of plastic bags has been suppressed first, then increased, and gradually picked up. Gaoliying, the director of Beijing Jingkelong chain supermarket, said: when plastic restrictions were first imposed, customers charged for plastic bags, so they brought their own shopping bags. But now, people are used to and accept the charge for plastic bags, and more customers buy plastic bags. ZhaoMeiLing, the director of Beijing meilianmei supermarket, also said: after the plastic restriction, the use of hand torn bags in supermarkets has increased a lot. Many customers who come to shopping, in order not to spend money on plastic bags, tear a few free hand torn bags to contain goods, and persuasion is invalid

at the same time, in the wholesale market and the farmers' market, the use of plastic bags, especially ultra-thin plastic bags, is also quietly rising. After investigating the managers and 100 merchants in 10 large and medium-sized agricultural trade markets, including Beijing linglongta agricultural and sideline products market, yuegezhuang wholesale market, Jinxiu Dadi Logistics Port and Xinfadi agricultural products wholesale market, the investigators found that in addition to the two markets using plastic shopping bags that meet national standards, the other 8 markets privately use ultra-thin plastic shopping bags that do not meet the standards, accounting for 80% of the surveyed markets. However, consumers tend to show indifference to this because of their habits. As long as dealers can provide free plastic shopping bags, they will no longer investigate whether the plastic bags are qualified. The survey found that only 20%~30% of consumers brought their own shopping bags to the market for purchase. These factors made the plastic limit difficult after half a year

according to the analysis of the investigators, the main reasons for the difficulties in implementing the plastic restriction order in the market are that the operators are scattered, and the market management department is not strong enough in supervision. It turns a blind eye to the free provision of plastic bags or even unqualified plastic bags by the operators, and lacks rigid regulations. Some operations 4 The minimum reading value of torque: 0.01nm 0.1nm charges for plastic bags. Some operators do not charge. In order to retain customers, operators who charge for plastic bags dare not charge

Beijing Eastern Suburb farmers' wholesale market has made a good exploration in the implementation of the plastic restriction order: the market has designated six operators as the designated sales stalls for qualified plastic bags, and stipulated that the operators selling plastic bags must strictly implement the plastic restriction order and are not allowed to sell unqualified plastic bags. Each operator has paid a deposit of 30000 yuan to the market. In case of violation of the regulations, the market can directly deduct a certain amount of deposit

environmental protection experts suggest that consumers should try to choose plastic shopping bags with relevant signs such as degradable or recyclable (plastic bags made of starch based and other plant raw materials are degradable and have triangle recycling signs on them). In addition, shopping bags with different specifications, sizes and weights are selected according to different purposes. The further work of researchers for raw meat and cooked food includes adding more color, texture and cloth sample characteristics to the materials. Plastic bags for pasta and other foods should be marked with food, QS and other signs

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