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Last week, the unsaturated resin market continued to operate at a high level and became stable as a whole.

I. review of market conditions

last week, the unsaturated resin market continued to operate at a high level and became stable as a whole. Although the prices of some raw materials fluctuated, most manufacturers reacted coldly. Small manufacturers may deliberately control the start-up to reduce inventory or supply according to the order, so as to relieve the pressure caused by high priced raw materials. At present, the downstream is still in a period of light demand. The manufacturer purchases at a steady pace, and the resin manufacturer is still under the pressure of sales. Therefore, the manufacturer is very cautious about raising prices, preferring small profits but quick turnover to stabilize the booming downstream market. The domestic mainstream quotation is RMB yuan/ton (191\) yuan/ton (196\\

II. Market review

East China market

the quotation of East China unsaturated resin market is stable, the downstream demand is still booming, the goods are received actively, the sales pressure on the manufacturers is weak, the mentality is stable, and the intention to increase is not obvious. The mainstream quotation is RMB/ton (191; Yuan/ton (196

North China market

the unsaturated resin Market in North China is slightly depressed. Most manufacturers are under the dual pressure of high raw materials and light sales. Therefore, except for a few manufacturers' slight increase, most manufacturers choose to focus on stability. Many manufacturers said that the weather was about to turn cool, and the operating rate of downstream factories would also pick up. They estimated that the sales in September and October would be significantly improved. At present, the mainstream quotation is yuan/ton (191; Yuan/ton (196; the other is the experiment of electrochemical measurement)

South China market

the unsaturated resin Market in Guangdong is stable. Due to the good downstream demand in this region, the goods are transported smoothly. The unsaturated resin manufacturers basically maintained a good opening rate and were optimistic. A few manufacturers said that the prices would be slightly adjusted according to the changes of raw materials in the later period. The mainstream quotation is that it will be made into wood plastic composite materials with a price of about RMB 00/ton (191y) and RMB/ton (196y)

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