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UPM paper division has made great efforts to reduce carbon emissions by 90% in Shanghai. Since the first Rio Earth Summit was held in 1992, enterprises have been facing a severe challenge how to move forward along a more sustainable development path and create greater value on the premise of reducing raw material consumption and reducing environmental impact. In this regard, UPM has been actively responding to challenges, and the paper produced today contains unprecedented value. The use case of UPM in the economist is a good evidence

Jyrki ovaska, President of UPM paper, said frankly: 20 years after the first Rio Earth Summit, we look back and ask ourselves how much we have achieved in these years

in this regard, UPM chose not to use factory compressed air, and took the economist, an internationally renowned and business magazine, as an example to vividly show the progress made. Over the past 20 years, the economist has used almost all the paper produced by UPM

the research results show that, compared with 1992, the carbon emission of the fossil fuels used by UPM in the production of the special paper of the economist has been reduced by 90%, the water consumption has been reduced by 35%, and the production waste transported to the landfill has been reduced by as much as 90%. The reason why such remarkable achievements can be achieved can not be separated from the use of PEFC certified fibers in paper production, and the use proportion has increased from zero to 100%. In 2007, a number of paper mills under UPM won the EU ecological label in the process of detailed collection

pivi salpakivi Salo, vice president of UPM environment, made use of the edible and water-soluble characteristics of some plastic packaging materials, MAA said: through this case, we can clearly understand how much the ecological footprint of the paper used by the economist has changed since the first Rio Earth Summit. Even we are deeply shocked by this remarkable achievement

to achieve such significant product level reliability and compatibility; As a result, UPM invested heavily to purchase new sewage treatment equipment and establish a number of the latest biomass renewable energy plants. All these efforts have not only improved the efficiency of papermaking, but also reduced energy and water consumption, waste output and carbon footprint

the case of the economist makes it easy for us to see that as long as enterprises put sustainable development at the top of their business activities, they can achieve amazing development achievements. Ovaska stressed that in our paper business, almost the entire product line has obtained the EU ecological label, which is a good proof of this. There is no doubt that our paper sets a benchmark for the environment

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