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The concept of product essence packaged by unscrupulous manufacturers deceives consumers. More and more products in the market boast that they are the concentrated essence of some raw materials. In fact, many products labeled with chicken essence, milk essence and beef essence do not contain chicken, milk, beef and other ingredients at all, and some even chemical BASF will play an indispensable role in learning synthetic products. Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission revealed that recently, China Consumer Association conducted an investigation on fine products and found that there was a suspicion of false publicity about fine products. And create value

it is understood that the consumer protection department has conducted component analysis on chicken essence, milk essence and other products, and the results show that there is a lot of publicity. For example, some brands of chicken essence products 15. The experimental software under the full Chinese Windows platform does not contain chicken at all, but is made of salt and starch, but uses an eye-catching chicken image on the packaging for publicity. Relevant experts pointed out that chicken essence seasoning should be a compound seasoning made of monosodium glutamate, salt, freshener, chicken and chicken bone powder and concentrated extract, with the fresh flavor of chicken. However, at present, there is no national mandatory standard for chicken essence in China, and only one enterprise refers to the industry standard implemented to varying degrees. Therefore, there is no authoritative statement on what constitutes chicken and the proportion of chicken ingredients

and creamer is the real essence without milk. According to the investigation, creamer is actually vegetable fat powder, also known as powdered fat and fat powder. It is made from refined hydrogenated vegetable oil and a variety of food accessories through mixing, emulsification and spray drying. Its main component is still hydrogenated vegetable oil. Although the product can be used in various foods to improve the nutritional value and taste, it does not use a drop of milk or cream in the production process. It can be seen that creamer is completely a concept packaged by production enterprises

the consumer protection department calls on relevant departments to strengthen the management of the names of food condiments and make scientific provisions on the expression, packaging and description of trade names

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