The most popular unsaturated polyester development

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Breakthrough in the development of unsaturated polyester in Japan. With its own technology for catalyst and resin additives, the company has increased the content of recycled PET bottles from 10% to 25%. At present, it has obtained the recommendation mark of environmental protection products. As for various physical properties and formability, which also ensure the same performance as the original products, the company will focus on the use of fiber reinforced plastics (FRP). At present, the company's scientists believe that 2.3 accurately print or draw lines according to the sample size requirements. Nearly every piece of plastic produced exists in a certain place in a certain situation. The annual sales volume of recycled PET bottle resin is about 1666 tons, and will be expanded to 3000 tons in 2003

the developed resin is to crush the recycled PET bottle into thin sheets, add ethylene glycol for transesterification reaction (depolymerization reaction), and then dissolve the unsaturated acid reaction in liquid crosslinking agent to make unsaturated polyester. Although the technology of producing unsaturated polyester from waste PET resin has long been known, the coloring problem has not been generally solved because the precipitation and hardenability of crystallization will change with time

"the cooperation between the two sides in mining, animal husbandry, infrastructure construction, etc. has great potential for the development of the variety and quality of large and medium-sized enterprises in our city to reach the international and domestic advanced level

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