Women in the decoration all have heartache

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The meaning of decoration to women is like their own children &mdash& mdash; In the face of a new thing that is still in a blank and can be created freely, and this thing still belongs to itself, the passion of creation will be ignited in an instant. The women in the decoration are all creative and design masters; All the women in the decoration are Sunwukong. They will never fall before defeating all the goblins and successfully escorting the master to obtain the Scripture. Well, actually, I'm talking about myself. Several years ago, when the house I bought was still laying the foundation, I began to study whether to adopt the decoration style of Korean rural, Mediterranean or American rural. Whenever I have time, I will soak in various decoration forums and watch with interest the beautiful women show off their new home. Sometimes when you see a satisfactory decoration model, you will be too excited to sleep, as if you saw your future house. But when I really got the key and began to decorate, I reluctantly found that subject to the Limited surplus food in my hand, it was impossible for the house to be decorated as I imagined. At that time, I often held a calculator in my left hand and a small book in my right hand. I spent a whole day in B & Q, calculating the price of each material and object, looking for the best cost performance. When I came out several times, I felt dizzy. Even so, I still enjoy it. Another similarity between decoration and children is that as long as it is your own, it is the best. We can often see some shocking decoration collocations in the forum, but the owner is complacent and looks like giving up his own life. Of course, decoration is a very private thing. As long as the family is satisfied and doesn't take it out to scare people everywhere, there is nothing worth talking about. There are also some women, because of the disagreement with their husbands during the decoration, who finally made a scene of chicken flying eggs and turned against each other. I know a girl whose in law bought a wedding room. As a result, when decorating, her in law felt that it was necessary to decorate it in a magnificent manner. However, she, who has always regarded herself as an artistic young woman, felt that it was simply an insult to her taste, insisted on Korean idyllic style, and finally broke up unhappily. I asked her why she didn't want to give in? She said that although it was mainly their money, this was the house I wanted to live in and my territory. If I had to listen to their arrangements now, would I still be able to live in my own way? For many modern women, decoration is to endow this house and home with my taste, my aesthetics and my breath, and then announce to the public that this is my territory, which you can't invade. When I was decorating, I was also not free from vulgarity. I often tangled in some small details, such as the style of the desk lamp, the tiles in the bathroom, the location of the oil painting, etc. my husband often laughed at me for being a nuisance. Fortunately, he is willing to be a shopkeeper. Therefore, I can only tangle with myself and will not break out family war because of inconsistent goals. In contrast, Xiao Cui, a college classmate, is not so lucky. After five years of hard work, she finally has her own nest. Like every woman who is about to start the decoration journey, Xiao Cui is looking forward to decorating the house into a warm castle. However, because she and her husband are very busy with their work, her husband suggested that her aunt and uncle, who are specialized in decoration in their hometown, should be invited. On the one hand, they are more at ease, and on the other hand, the fertile water should not flow to outsiders. Xiao Cui didn't expect that this decision almost ruined the happiness of the two people. After aunt and uncle come, they should first take them to the scenic spots to play. Then, because they are not familiar with the decoration market in Beijing, they should take them to the market to get familiar with the situation. Moreover, after all, it is not a simple contractual relationship. Eating for so many people has become a worry for Xiao Cui. It is really hard work. If these are small problems, what makes Xiao Cui unbearable is that her aunt and uncle, who have been decorating in the countryside, simply can't understand Xiao Cui's decoration needs, and often make their own decisions, plus some elements that she thinks are vulgar. Because she couldn't get angry directly at her aunt and uncle, Xiao Cui poured all her anger on her husband. Xiao Cui said that she successfully implemented the three light policy &mdash& mdash; Money is basically spent, energy is basically consumed, and feelings are basically noisy. Finally, she was too lazy to argue. She didn't care who she loved or what she pretended to be. Unexpectedly, two years passed in a flash. Xiao Cui lived in this house where she couldn't see anything at that time, and was very happy. Time is the greatest decorator. I also found that half a year after I moved in, what my husband said was right, and all the entanglements were actually unnecessary. I have compared the two table lamps back and forth for many days. It seems that there is no big difference between which one is put there. More importantly, it will not have any impact on my life. After buying it, I almost turn a blind eye to it. As a simple and coarse-grained person like me, it is almost an impossible task to be refined in decoration alone





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