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In this harvest season, konson Keshan starts the journey of happiness and initiates the activity of looking for the "most beautiful Keshan wooden door" Show your most beautiful photos of keshangmumen and expose your happiest life! What is happiness? Happiness is a warm and romantic home for those who love deeply. How warm is your home? How beautiful is your home? How happy are you? Then show it quickly! Show your love for life, your attachment to home, and your pursuit of love

I. activity theme: find the most beautiful Keshang wooden door and show your Keshang wooden door. If you dare to show it, I'll give it away. If you participate, you can get a set of the same exquisite coffee set of big s and have a better chance to win the 4999 yuan free grand prize

II. Time of activity: September 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014

III. participants: customers who have purchased konson Keshang wooden doors and have completed the installation

IV. activity details:

(1) show your Keshang wooden door, and you can get a set of the same exquisite coffee set of big s and have a better chance of winning the 4999 yuan free grand prize

① follow konson keshangmumen's official wechat "konson88"

② send the photos (2-5) of your Keshang wooden door to the official wechat dialog box of Keshang, and indicate "purchase time, city - Installation community, buyer's name, phone number (e.g. September 1, 2014 Beijing Vanke City Garden Zhang Quan 135****9999)"

the pictures of this activity will be preliminarily screened by the media and expert jury. The selected pictures will be displayed and voted on Sina home.com, SouFun home.com, China portal (www.zgmw.cc) and e-men.com (www.men.cc). Finally, they will be comprehensively evaluated by the public, media and experts. The first, second, third place and excellent award will be awarded

(2) photographing requirements:

① the picture must be true, clear and neat, and must be a real picture of decoration

② the picture should show the wooden door and scene (accessories and furniture), showing the home decoration style. The wooden door accounts for about one third of the overall picture

③ the picture should closely focus on the theme of "the most beautiful Keshang wooden door", the style, color and accessories should be coordinated, and the picture should highlight the beauty

④ each household is limited to uploading one set of works, and each set of works has 2-5 pictures

(3) photo collection time: September 1st, 2014 - December 31st, 2014

(4) review time:

① online voting time: January 1, 2015 - January 20, 2015

② time of media review and expert review: January 20, 2015 to January 31, 2015

(5) the voting website will be announced later through Keshang's official wechat "konson88", Sina home, SouFun home, China portal (www.zgmw.cc) and Yimen (www.men.cc). The review results will be announced on February 1st, 2015

v. selection rules:

the selection rules of this activity will be voted. The final result is that "online voting accounts for 50%, media review accounts for 20%, and expert review accounts for 30%

VI. composition of judges:

① public review (netizens)

② media jury: sina.com, soufun.com, China portal (www.zgmw.cc), Yimen (www.men.cc), Tencent, Sohu, etc

③ expert jury: Chairman of China wooden door association, national editor in chief of sina home, national editor in chief of SouFun home, domestic well-known designer, chief home creative designer of konson Keshang

VII. Award setting:

Participation Award: customers who participate in this activity and submit information as required can receive a gift of "a set of the same exquisite coffee set of big s". Gifts are collected at local specialty stores

the 10 most beautiful keshangmumen will be selected in this event

first prize (1): return the purchase price of 4999 yuan

second prize (2): refund of 2999 yuan

third prize (3): refunding the purchase price of 1999 yuan

Excellence Award (4): 999 yuan of rebate

hotline: 400-7366-288

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