Toilet decoration functions should be considered c

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1. Under the door frame, embedding stainless steel sheets can prevent decay

the door of the bathroom is often in a water or wet environment, and the lower part of the door frame will become rotten unknowingly. Therefore, it can be considered to remove the damaged part below, make a proper repair, and then embed stainless steel sheets around the door frame, which can slow down or prevent the decay of the door frame

bathroom decoration functions should be considered to be complete

2. Install a mirror on the cabinet door

in order to store some sanitary products, the bathroom is often equipped with a cabinet, or a closet on the wall. If the mirror is installed on the door surface of the cabinet or groove, the bathroom space will not only be more spacious and bright, but also luxurious and beautiful, and the cost is not expensive. It can be combined with the dressing table and used as a dressing table mirror




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