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Whether a person has good luck depends not only on whether his destiny is compatible with the surrounding environment, but also on the Feng Shui situation of the surrounding environment. Only “ Geographical advantage &rdquo& ldquo; Human interests ” Good luck will come when you are ready. Home is the place we spend most of our life. Only when the feng shui of each place in our home is good can we help others in wealth, career and so on. What kind of decoration or decoration belongs to good feng shui? The following is the knowledge of house Feng Shui. Please have a look

you can't see the living room directly when entering the door, that is, there should be room for maneuver between the entrance door and the living room, and you can't rush directly. If you rush directly, the air flow outside will damage the wealth of the home, so it's best to have a porch or cabinet between the entrance door and the living room; The living room must be in the front of the house, not in the rear, which will lead to a decline in wealth. When entering the room, in addition to seeing the porch or cabinet, the first thing to see should be the living room, and the bedroom, kitchen and other spaces should be set up secretly

the porch is the key to block outdoor and indoor, just like the throat of home. The design of the porch is also exquisite in Feng Shui. The ceiling of the porch should be high rather than low. If the ceiling at the porch is too low, it will not only make people feel oppressed, but also symbolize that the family is oppressed and difficult to stand out in Feng Shui. In addition, the walls of the porch can't be all empty, that is, they can't be all glass and hollowed out. The bottom must be solid, and the top can be decorated for this reason. The mirror glass is not available, and the mirror will reflect the wealth that enters the door

the ceiling on the roof of the living room is very important, which symbolizes the sky of the family. It can't be too low. If the floor height is too low, it is not recommended to use the ceiling for decoration. Improper ceiling is likely to cause depression in the living room, and people will feel pressure on the top of the living room

the entrance door cannot be directly opposite to the balcony. The balcony and the entrance door will form a “ Pierce the heart &rdquo& ldquo; Pierce the heart ” It's not easy to gather money, and it's easy to spend money at home. You can put cabinets or green plants on the balcony or at the entrance to block it

the balcony is an important channel for the house to receive gas. It should be kept open and bright as far as possible. The plants placed should not be too lush, which will block the outdoor sunshine and air. The balconies located in the southwest and northeast are not suitable for planting green plants, otherwise it will bring adverse effects on the intestines and stomachs of the family and their transportation; Planting plants in the southwest is bad for the hostess's luck, and planting green plants in the Northeast will affect children's studies

now many families have study, and the layout of the study is also very particular. The desk can't be placed in the middle of the study. There is no support around it, which means isolation and helplessness. There is no help for study and career, and development is very difficult. Therefore, when people decorate the study, they should pay attention to the layout of the study or study corner

the traditional geomantic theory also has statements about the good or bad luck and taboo of the toilet and bathroom. Except that it points out that the bad side should be pressed, others are rarely mentioned, so there are many statements of association. What should we pay attention to in the bathroom? You can pay attention to the information

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