Open the window and watch the drizzle

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Suifu doors and windows feel people in the house, leaning against the window to overlook; The sun is gentle, the flowers are dancing, and I can't help but yearn outside the window; And indoors, windows will give people a certain sense of security

Suifu doors and windows tell you that the hinge of the outward hanging window is installed on the upper side of the window, and the opening method is to open horizontally outward or push outward from the lower part of the window sash to a certain angle. The hanging window includes the outward opening upper hanging window, and the outward opening upper hanging window also belongs to the casement window series

by operating the handle on the window, the hanging window can be opened outwards by linking the hardware. The outward hung window can be presented in three states. Generally speaking, when it is tightly closed, the handle is vertically downward; When opening horizontally, the handle is horizontal; When hanging up, keep your hands up

when the hanging window is opened externally, it can make the outside air circulate indoors, and the intensity of the incoming wind will not be very strong. At the same time, it can make it difficult for rainwater to enter the room in rainy days. So as to create a comfortable environment for people

because of the multi lock point design, the external hanging window has strong sealing performance, and the sound insulation and heat preservation effect of the window itself has been improved

the linkage hardware arranged by itself cooperates with the control of the handle, and the periphery of the window sash opening the upper hanging window is stably fixed to the window frame, which has a certain safety performance and anti-theft performance

Suifu doors and windows The external upper hung window adopts aluminum alloy profile, which has superior performance and excellent technology. Suifu has a hanging window outside, which is worth having




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