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July job contracts at pre-pandemic level - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The percentage of temporary working remains very high.

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Figures from the Balearic Institute of Statistics indicate that 53,229 employment contracts were signed in the Balearics in July. This number is close to pre-pandemic levels and is well above the number a year ago – 34,000.

It therefore points to a reactivation of the Balearic economy and labour market, typified, for instance, by the fact that 85% of hotels affiliated to the Mallorca Hoteliers Federation were open by the end of July. Nevertheless, demand is still below that of before the pandemic, while the nightlife sector remains closed at what would normally be its busiest time of the year.

On the face of itPeter Brabeck, a former chairman and CEO of Nestle who was tapped b, the number of contracts is positive, but 44,702 were temporary – 84% of the total. This situation hasn’t really altered compared to what it was two years ago – 50,426 temporary contracts were registered and these equated to 84s deemed necessary o.4% of the total.

At this time of year, the vast majority of employees with ‘fijo discontinuo’ contracts have been called back to work. Employers therefore turn to temporary hiring to fill other positions. But abuse of this form of recruitment can occur. The main unions – the CCOO and UGT – have been denouncing this for years and say that permanent positions are filled with temporary jobs. Inspections by the employment and tourism ministries have been designed to stop this. There has been some success in this regard.

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