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Analysis of the development trend of China's silk printing equipment

the import and export of China's printing machinery and equipment show a rapid growth trend, but in all kinds of printing equipment imported over the years, sheet fed printing machines and web printing machines account for almost 50% of the import volume, attracting the close attention of many experts. However, the import of silk screen printing machines with various printing methods is generally ignored. One of the reasons is that the manufacturing enterprises of silk printing machines are generally small, and the value of products seems to be relatively low, which is easy to be ignored compared with offset printing machines and gravure printing machines. Another reason is that the production scale of silk printing equipment manufacturing enterprises is small, which has not attracted the attention of large enterprise groups, and the investment is obviously insufficient. In fact, the import of silk printing machines is also a considerable potential market, and enterprises with conditions should pay attention to it

the export situation of China's silk printing equipment is good, and it is one of the equipment varieties with the fastest growth in the export of printing equipment. However, compared with other printing equipment with large export volume, the total export volume is still small, accounting for only 43% of the total export volume of printing equipment

export of silk screen printing machines

export volume of silk screen printing equipment showed a rapid growth trend. The main export countries and regions are Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Thailand and the Netherlands, of which more than 35% are transferred from Hong Kong, China. Lithographic printing machines are mainly exported to Germany, Hong Kong and China 8 It can realize the fast/slow rise and fall adjustment of the beam during sample clamping. Taiwan and India, of which Germany and Hong Kong, China, account for more than 58% of the export volume, and strive to make great innovations in the field of basic science and technology. Other printing machines are mainly exported to Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Malaysia and the United States, of which Hong Kong, China accounts for 37.1% of the export volume

import of screen printing brush machine

the import of screen printing brush machine still shows an increasing trend, but some varieties are declining. Imported circular printing machines are mainly from Austria, Germany, Japan and Taiwan, China. Imported flat printing machines mainly come from Taiwan, China, Japan, South Korea and Germany, of which Taiwan, China accounts for 46.7%. At this stage, the main sources of adjusted imports of raw material iron ore for other printing presses are Japan, Taiwan, China, Germany and the United States, of which Japan and Taiwan, China account for 46.9% of the import volume. The ratio of import and export trade of silk screen printing machines is less than that of sheet fed printing machines, and greater than that of web printing machines. The technical field and content of silk screen printing brush machine cannot be compared with that of sheet fed printing machine and web printing machine, and the conditions for increasing exports are much better than these two kinds of equipment

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