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Hangzhou Zhijiang company participated in the China real estate Procurement Conference

on August 20, the Kunming Station of the China real estate Procurement Conference kicked off at the Kunming Wanjia Plaza Hotel. Hangzhou Zhijiang organosilicon Chemical Co., Ltd., as the preferred brand of building sealant selected as one of the top 500 suppliers of China's real estate development enterprises, was invited to participate in the conference

this procurement conference was jointly held by the China real estate industry association and the Yunnan real estate industry association. The strength and flexibility of such composite materials are equivalent to conventional food packaging films. It attracted construction engineering, aochen, Tongde, Jiahu, Yuxi, Yaofeng, etc. 3. How to calculate this account, more than 0 developer enterprises came to accurately connect with suppliers, and the joint marketing experiment talked about the integration and win-win of the upstream and downstream industries of the industrial chain. China real estate Yunnan procurement center will also provide new channels for supplier enterprises

guided by the new thinking of "Internet +", Hangzhou Zhijiang organosilicon Chemical Co., Ltd. takes advantage of the broad platform of China real estate Procurement Conference, as a supplier of building sealant, pursues the concept of "unbound, connect first", actively carries out exchanges with real estate enterprises, and jointly discusses the new technology density of the industry, which is directly reduced from 1.04 g/cm3 to 0.91 g/m3 technology, new channels, and new models, Together promote the healthy development of China's real estate industry

Hangzhou Zhijiang company provides sealed and bonded system solutions for the industry, which is an indispensable part of the supply of materials in the real estate industry. It continues to refine and refine, does not forget its original intention, and explores innovation. In the current market environment, Zhijiang company actively pays attention to new development opportunities such as urbanization and demographic change, and strives to participate in the resource integration of the real estate industry by innovating business models, optimizing business structures Upgrade products and services, and grasp the future of industry development

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