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Hangzhou paper packaging enterprises strive to save themselves and seek to spend the winter together

ups and downs, which is the most appropriate word to describe the paper packaging industry this year. The paper packaging enterprises that experienced hot sales and complacency in the first half of the year have to bite the bullet to usher in the cold winter

recently, led by Hangzhou Xiaoshan Heshang town government, the District Paper Packaging Association held a three session Council in the town, and the bosses of packaging enterprises in the region gathered together to discuss good strategies to deal with challenges and promote growth. In the face of the severe macroeconomic and financial situation, the District Economic Development Bureau has set up a secretariat for the paper packaging industry in the town, and the packaging enterprises will strive to save themselves, stay together in the winter and tide over the difficulties

like the formula used in injection molding products, the international and domestic situation under the influence of the global financial crisis, insufficient domestic demand and shrinking exports bear the brunt of the impact on the paper packaging industry, with a sharp decline in the demand for paper products. Since May, the impact of the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis on the paper packaging industry has begun to show. In July, affected by the international financial storm and the appreciation of the RMB, the national commodity export volume has decreased significantly, and the packaging used has also decreased sharply. The paper packaging industry has been greatly impacted, resulting in the unsalable situation of paper products. Since August, paper prices have decreased significantly and inventories have increased. In October, in order to avoid damaging the jaw ruler, the paper price fell all the way. For example, the original price of 140 grams of kraft linerboard per ton reached 4350 yuan, but now it can only be sold to 2600 yuan; Originally, the price of 100 grams of high-strength corrugated paper per ton reached 3600 yuan, but now it can only be sold for 2400 yuan, and the profit margin is compressed. change radically. When talking about the situation of the paper packaging industry this year, the chairman of Shengda Group and the Xiaoshan District Paper Packaging Association told our school, these four words were used to describe it

facing the current cold winter and the unpredictable winter, paper packaging enterprises are considering how to survive, seek opportunities and seek development. In the face of the surging financial storm, only when all enterprise partners unite, cooperate closely, and jointly build a solid alliance and defense line, can they resist any risks and challenges, survive in the harsh market environment, and obtain new development opportunities. Although the paper packaging market is not optimistic next year, all members of the paper packaging Association must strengthen their confidence and seize the opportunity. Recently, the central government has launched a series of important measures in terms of functions in the economy. Taking maintaining growth, promoting domestic demand and adjusting the structure as the top priority of economic work will create many opportunities for us. When winter comes, everyone should hold together to keep warm, help each other in the same boat, and calmly deal with it. Fang Wuxiao is here to mobilize paper packaging enterprises to spend the winter together

at present, there are 22 paper packaging enterprises above Designated Size in Heshang Town, Xiaoshan. Can the expected rate of return of 7% of the people directly engaged in the paper packaging industry be achieved? How? The "game" has not ended yet, with more than 6000 people, and more than 3000 people indirectly engaged in the paper packaging industry. By the end of November, the output value of the Paperweight packaging enterprise had reached 5.107 billion yuan, of which the output value of paper packaging enterprises above Designated Size had reached 4.706 billion yuan, an increase of 22.41% and 24.76% respectively over the same period last year. The paper packaging industry is the pillar industry of the town. Whether so many people can survive the winter is actually a major livelihood event

under the guidance of government departments, the paper packaging Association has formulated targeted self-help measures. Encourage enterprises to misplace production and fill in the market gap. In terms of the external price of paper packaging products, we should work together to avoid the situation of self price reduction and the same root frying; Further strengthen and give play to the functions of communication, interaction and mutual assistance of industry associations, so that the five fingers can be clenched into fists; Guide enterprises to strengthen technological transformation and innovation, increase product connotation, and change single processing into a one-stop process of production, processing and service; Get together with colleagues across the country, discuss and exchange, and grasp the market. Through these measures, we can ensure the stable production and operation of paper packaging enterprises at present

how to survive the winter? Many heads of paper packaging enterprises said that as enterprises, they should recognize the situation, actively save themselves, spend the winter as a whole, pay timely attention to the overall economic and financial situation and market dynamics, and strive to promote the health and stability of the industry. They said that in addition to self-help, enterprises cannot do without the help of the government and banks, especially the strong support of banks. They hope that the government can actively help paper packaging enterprises communicate and coordinate with banks to create a good financial environment. At the same time, they proposed to establish the information of paper packaging industry, build an information platform and promote information exchange

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