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Hangzhou Sanhui's new products in October: SR500 professional sieve number off

Sanhui company's new products in October continue. Recently, after the launch of the joint customs, Sanhui company launched the new SR500 sieve number off products

SR500 screen number customs products, it can be used with Sanhui smg2000/3000 series digital customs to recognize the called party of the digital customs. Through professional voice analysis, it can analyze the called status such as empty number, shutdown, shutdown, and return the results to the digital customs to provide the screen number function for the digital customs

application scenario:

sr500 screen number off application value:

1. The customs management software based on the web interface can be easily configured. The main feature of the experimental machine is that the fixture of the pin and disk is very rigid, and the functions of the screen number off are

2. The powerful screen number performance of SR500 can quickly and accurately analyze the status of the called number

3 SR500 can improve the overall connection efficiency of the external 2 call communication system equipped with various specifications of force value sensors, reduce the waste of traffic resources

4. The carrier level hardware structure design, combined with Sanhui digital customs products, can realize the carrier level communication operation

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