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Hangzhou machine tool made every effort to transform and upgrade to meet the challenges

"2009 was a year when the international financial crisis had a deep impact on the domestic machine tool market, and it was also a year when the investment in scientific and technological innovation and product transformation and upgrading was the largest in the history of Hangzhou machine tool." General manager sunyimin summed up the achievements of Hangzhou Machine Tool Co., Ltd. in 2009

2009 is not only a critical period for Hangji group and the whole industry to cope with challenges and overcome difficulties, but also an opportunity period to accelerate development and promote transformation and upgrading

R & D center linkage

what strategy to adopt to speed up the transformation and upgrading of products is very important for the survival and development of enterprises. "In the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise, Hangji group should not only be based on self-reliance, but also look outward, and actively attract international advanced machine tool technology." Sun Yimin said

in order to realize technological innovation, Hangji group focuses on integrating strategic resources and absorbs advanced German machine tool technology by using the strategic alliance platform formed with Germany abaz B grinding machine Co., Ltd., a famous enterprise with a history of 100 years in Europe

sun Yimin said, "we have established an operation system of 'Hangzhou grinding machine, Sino German technology, meticulous manufacturing and global sales', realizing the linkage of two international and domestic R & D centers. The general tolerances in the table are used for dimensional tolerances without tolerances, building a high-level R & D platform and increasing the intensity of original innovation." Under the guidance of this operation mechanism, the scientific and technological personnel of Hangji group went deep into abaz B company in Germany to discuss with the scientific and technological personnel of abaz B company, including the discussion and exchange of the design of each specific part of the new product, so that many new ideas were obtained in research and development. At the same time, it also cooperates with well-known Japanese companies to jointly develop CNC high-precision Guideway Grinder

while cooperating with international strong enterprises to develop new products and introduce international advanced technology, Hangji's product research and development has achieved four changes: from the introduction of prototype to the introduction of technical software, strengthen digestion and absorption, have more independent intellectual property rights, and create independent brands; From low-end products participating in market competition to developing medium and high-end products to meet demand and guide consumption; From the design of R & D personnel based on their personal intelligence to the open design that invites international and domestic users to participate; From developing more varieties and forming less batch sales, to seriation development and market-oriented cultivation

product transformation and upgrading

in 2009, Hangzhou Machinery Group moved into the newly built modern Lin'an CNC grinding machine R & D and manufacturing base covering an area of 300 mu and a construction area of 100000 square meters. The new base has greatly improved the hardware facilities of machine tool R & D and manufacturing, laid a good material foundation for transformation and upgrading, and also created a good opportunity for enterprises to develop

sun Yimin made a detailed count of a number of products newly developed by the company for transformation and upgrading in 2009. "In 2009, we undertook the development task of 12 CNC special grinding machines for track plates, taking sharing bicycles as an example, and the sales output value of a single machine tool exceeded 10million yuan for the first time." The Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway, with a design speed of 350 kilometers per hour and a total investment of 220 billion yuan, is a national key project on a par with large aircraft, Shenzhou 7 and other projects. The construction of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway passenger dedicated line needs a high-efficiency special CNC grinding machine for processing track plates. The development of this machine tool is difficult, and there are not many foreign manufacturers that can produce it. The track plate grinding machine developed by Hangzhou Machinery Group Co., Ltd. has been put into use or installed and commissioned in Suzhou, Qufu, Changzhou, Anyang, Tangshan and other high-speed railway lines. "It can be said that the successful development of track plate grinder has played a major role in Hangzhou Machinery Group in coping with the economic cold wave and reversing the weak market situation in 2009."

sun Yimin said. In addition, there are products jointly developed with Japan, such as high-precision CNC vertical spindle compound grinder, which integrate a number of core technologies and have obvious technical expertise. According to the introduction, the CNC system of the grinder adopts fanuc18i TB AC servo CNC system, which can clamp the workpiece at one time to complete the high-precision grinding of the inner circle, outer circle and end face of the workpiece. It is suitable for the finishing grinding of the inner and outer rings, raceways and end faces of cylindrical, conical and ball bearings in multiple batches, varieties and specifications, especially for the installation of large parts. Compared with horizontal grinding machines, it has great advantages and strong combination, It is easy to realize automatic production, and can provide advanced equipment for machine tool industry, bearing industry, auto parts industry, etc. "The development of high-precision CNC vertical spindle compound grinder was successful that year, and it was sold on a large scale that year. At present, this product has formed a series of products, such as mgkf600, mgkf1000, mgkf1600, mgkf2000, etc." Sun Yimin said

Hangji group's achievements in product transformation and upgrading are also reflected in the fact that a number of new products have obtained national patents

it is reported that Hangji group has more than 30 kinds of new products with independent intellectual property rights and 35 national patents. In 2009, 7 new patents were obtained, including 5 invention patents and 2 utility models, and a number of new applications were accepted. It has set a number of new records for Chinese enterprises

the seven axis five linkage forming grinder and other products developed by Hangzhou Machinery Co., Ltd. have won the first set in China in the key field of equipment manufacturing industry. "Hz-078cn focuses on promoting cooperation in infrastructure construction and people's livelihood. C CNC linear rolling guide special grinding machine" was listed as the first set of products in key areas of accelerating the development of equipment manufacturing industry in Zhejiang Province by Zhejiang Economic and Trade Commission in 2009. It was also successful in applying to the Ministry of industry and information technology for the national major science and technology project "large linear rolling guide precision curved surface forming CNC Grinder"

achieve technological breakthroughs

with the help of overseas technology platforms, Hangji group has achieved a number of technological breakthroughs. Through the financial crisis smoothly, sun Yimin is more confident about the future development of Hangji group

"German abaz B company has the international advanced level. In 2009, we made use of the advantages of domestic human resources to vigorously promote the localized production of German abaz B company's products. At present, we have completed the conversion and docking of technical documents of sl500/hz, sl800/hz and el1506/hz products. Sl500/hz flow, pressure stability, and sl800/hz products have completed the prototype trial production, laying the foundation for small batch production." Sun Yimin told

in order to further improve the basic work of transformation and upgrading, Hangzhou machine technology center and German abaz B technicians conducted a detailed introduction and technical exchange on the composite grinder series products of Hangzhou machine tool. The participation of abaz B technicians has played a positive role in the development of Hangji products

with the participation of technicians from abaz B company, hz-kd6525x16 moving beam guide rail mill developed by Hangji has been used in its own production line, which not only expands the new variety of gantry mill, but also provides a new generation of prototype for the market; At the same time, the fixed beam guide rail is ground hz-kd8025 × 10 successful development, hz-kd10020 × 10 has been put into production, making Hangzhou Machinery Group break through the 6-meter-long guide rail processing limit and have the ability to develop to a longer workbench

in addition, in the field of CNC forming grinding, the research on blade processing products provided by Hangzhou Machinery Group for military enterprises has also made new progress, realizing the grinding of rotor slots, oil pump cycloid rotors and rat tooth discs; Mkh450/1, a column full mobile product, has also been sold; MMKC7150 × 25 CNC cutting edge grinding has been delivered and put into production. Driven by key users, the market influence and demand continue to expand

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