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On June 30, Hangzhou power supply company learned that an internal document of Hangzhou power supply company was asking its subordinate power supply units to organize the investigation of local power sales companies. Without saying more, let's take a look at the following work arrangements. After all, if they are not done well, they will affect the performance appraisal at that time

1. Verify the information of each power selling company in the attached table, and supplement complete details according to examples

2. Recently, it took the initiative to contact the local industrial and commercial administration departments to comprehensively investigate the establishment of the third power company in its jurisdiction, and filled in the detailed information in the attached table

3. In combination with the work arrangement, we should have a multi-dimensional understanding of the power sales companies as soon as possible, and try to understand their business development and development intentions

4 This year is the year of intensive implementation of the power reform policy. All parties in the society have a strong desire to enter the electricity rationing market, which will have an all-round impact on the company's development mode and business model. All units should further strengthen their understanding, pay high attention to the power reform dynamics within their jurisdiction and report relevant information in time to avoid late reporting and missing reporting. If the company's work is passive due to delayed information submission, it will be assessed in the form of performance as appropriate

according to the notice document, according to the results of the investigation and sorting, the number of companies involved in the business of power distribution in Hangzhou has reached 40, and they should be tightened in time; This result is quite different from the previous report

the sharp increase in the number of power distribution companies has made the power supply companies feel the pressure of business competition in the future, and they need to take active strategies to avoid the passive situation of work in the future

this situation may not be an isolated case. Under the general trend of the whole power system reform, all parties in the society have been touched. Local power enterprises also have their own considerations about this reform, including what strategies should be adopted to comply with the reform and how to adjust the company's business model and development strategy

reading the work arrangement of this notice carefully is mainly to understand that if other lights are on, it also indicates that the driver destroys the basic situation of the company. It is conceivable that some power selling companies may have an additional work arrangement for reception and communication in the near future

of course, such work arrangement is also reasonable. Local power supply companies can better adjust their business development only if they know more market information, which is also a sign of being proactive

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