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Analysis on the development trend of packaging bottles in the next 10 years

according to the relevant information provided by American packaging agencies, it is predicted that the development trend of packaging in the next 10 years mainly includes:

(1) light weight, sterile and green packaging will become the mainstream and symbol of modern packaging

(2) large containers and packages such as glass and metal will gradually withdraw from some markets when they begin to directly contact foreign merchants

(3) ultra thin plastic packaging (white pollution) must be banned

(4) strive to reduce the manufacturing and transportation costs of packaging and take the road of diversified packaging

(5) the small quantitative flexible packaging, which is welcomed by consumers by the operation mode of Jinan Shijin cantilever impact testing machine, will continue to develop

(6) anti theft and anti-counterfeiting safety packaging will be further emphasized

(7) the advantages of composite packaging materials are more prominent, which will replace traditional packaging materials

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