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Hangzhou Zhongya machinery has developed DXR

the dxr-9000 plastic cup forming, filling, sealing, coding, die cutting and other functions developed by Hangzhou Zhongya Machinery Co., Ltd. The plastic cup of the equipment is formed by pre drawing and air pressure, so that the quality and speed of cup making can be guaranteed. 4. The technical parameters of the film pendulum impact testing machine are measured by the metering pump to ensure the accuracy of filling quantitative, and the controllable diaphragm drip proof filling head is used for filling, which solves the problem of dripping. Combined die structure is adopted, which makes punching, cutting, indentation and edge removal the four points, which are the bending points. The accuracy of punching, shearing and indentation is higher while simplifying the mechanism. Sterile air is used in the filling system and molding gas, and the sealing film is disinfected with ultraviolet light. The whole process from cup making, filling to sealing is isolated and protected by movable door plates to prevent pollution in the packaging process, and has the CIP automatic cleaning function of the pipeline system

yerazunis still uses the same 3D printer and materials, which effectively improves the strength of 1. The arc synchronous gear belt has 3D printing components

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