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Hangzhou Zhijiang company and its delegation visited Dow Chemical and Dow Corning on the morning of May 18, 2015, he Yongfu, chairman of Zhijiang company, led the team of Zhijiang company to visit Dow automotive systems, which is located in Auburn Hill Town, Michigan, USA. Zhijiang team and Liu Xuesong, deputy general manager of Dow Beijing Yingchuang Co., Ltd., who is responsible for product operation, service outsourcing, marketing, financial management and technical services, said that senior managers of the US side had an exchange. The two sides exchanged views with Dow executives on China's macroeconomic trends, the future development prospects of China's construction industry, the development status of the adhesive industry, and the business strategies adopted by Zhijiang company to deal with opportunities and challenges under the new situation. The two sides also made in-depth discussions on expanding production capacity, improving supply quality and possible future cooperation

Dow expressed its gratitude to Zhijiang for its positive efforts in improving production processes and product quality, and expressed optimism about the future prospects of further cooperation between the two sides. After the exchange, the top management of Dow actively invited Zhijiang team to visit Dow's advanced technical services and product research and development laboratory. The technicians of both sides took this opportunity to have a brief and fruitful exchange

on May 19, Zhijiang team visited Dow's global headquarters in Midland, a town in line with the development trend of circular economy. Mr. Henderson, global president of Dow automotive, warmly welcomed the visit of Zhijiang delegation. President he thanked Dow for its thoughtful arrangements and warm hospitality. After the talks, president he introduced the operation and development of Zhijiang's automobile supporting business in combination with the general trend of China's automobile market demand and supply, expounded the company's key development direction, and put forward suggestions on deepening cooperation between the two sides in the future. Mr. Henderson expressed great interest in the proposal and expressed his willingness to discuss it in depth at the next meeting

subsequently, the Zhijiang team visited the Midland factory of Dow and had in-depth exchanges with the American director in charge of production and operation on the current production line, process and production conditions of Zhijiang at the technical level. After the exchange, the senior executives of Dow automotive system hosted a dinner to warmly welcome the team of Zhijiang company

on the morning of May 20, Zhijiang's team visited the global headquarters of Dow Corning in the United States and exchanged views with the senior executives of Dow Corning in the United States who are responsible for global market strategic planning and major business sectors. Zhijiang company and Dow Corning company have established deep friendship and trust in the long-term cooperation. This meeting, the two sides exchanged business ideas, shared development experience, and further deepened mutual understanding. The two sides also made extensive and in-depth discussions on the problems encountered in the cooperation, the future development direction and possible cooperation. After the talks, Dow Corning representatives from the United States warmly hosted the delegation of Zhijiang company with a dinner party

through this visit to Dow and Dow Corning, Hangzhou Zhijiang company has conducted in-depth exchanges with international top enterprises in terms of business strategy, corporate culture, marketing and technological innovation, and strengthened the cultural integration and business cooperation between the two sides. Measure the force value of interlayer peeling of the sample and relevant experimental information

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