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With the development and application of digital printing technology, in today's era of marketing everywhere, the advertising and packaging industry has more and higher requirements for post press processing, and the main way to meet this demand is to finish the printed matter and improve the grade of printed products through modification and decoration

many traditional post press processing processes and equipment are also difficult to meet the post-processing and further packaging and production of digital prints, especially in the face of small batch on-demand printing business. The binding, modeling, finishing, binding, beautification, packaging and overall or surface protective treatment of semi-finished digital prints have been common post press processing in practical applications

facing the strong demand of post press processing market, the enthusiasm of post press processing equipment suppliers for technological innovation and equipment improvement is also rising. Compared with the traditional big play, high-speed and complex post press 7. The table will reflect the compression curve, force value and automatically converted MPa value equipment of each test block. At present, the post press processing equipment supporting digital post press equipment and facing digital printing is also constantly adjusted to meet the needs of digital printing on demand, personality and flexibility while facing digital networking, control automation, functional integration and configuration diversification, Compared with large-scale post press equipment, the small-scale office post press equipment launched by golden map is a small-scale post press equipment suitable for Digital Express Printing business, which can meet the characteristics of digital printing and the requirements of on-demand printing, and improve the flexibility of post press processing. Golden Map post press binding equipment can realize the real on-demand binding of various specifications, sizes and binding styles, and is deeply favored by graphic stores, Digital Express Printing centers, copy rooms, picture agencies and other operating enterprises

due to the particularity of post press processing technology, safety is an issue that post press equipment manufacturers must consider. All of them fully meet the mechanical standards of pipe testing. At present, most domestic post press equipment manufacturers can design and manufacture according to the requirements of European safety standard CE. However, there is a contradiction: equipment manufacturers design protective measures for products according to the less self-locking of CE, which brings inconvenience to domestic operators in operation and adjustment. Therefore, the concept of humanization and industrial design should be gradually established on the premise of ensuring the safety of users of post press equipment, which can not only be in line with the world safety standards, but also improve the operability of post press equipment. There is also the environmental protection performance of equipment, reducing the noise and energy consumption of products, and the full life cycle design of products, which are the direction of future efforts

for the post press surface treatment of post press processing, the post press surface modification should have high production efficiency, good printing adaptability and fast drying speed; Market development and demand often determine the viability of existing products. With the continuous change of market environment and development trend, new product demand will be generated

when the existing products cannot meet this demand, it will directly affect its life cycle and create opportunities for the research and development of new products. In response to this market demand, Jintu post press launched a fully automatic film coating equipment, and provided a corresponding medium and high-end product portfolio, ultimately realizing the miniaturization, multifunction, digitization and automation of office post press equipment, solving the slow and inefficient post press surface treatment, High cost, high error rate and easy deformation of products

throughout the post press processing and post press surface treatment equipment at home and abroad, the transmission and heating system of the machine is the main energy consumption point, of which the heating (drying) system accounts for more energy consumption, especially the film covered hot pressing. Most of the heating and drying is electric heating. In the past, many equipment used ordinary electric heating tubes (wires) for heating, which has high energy consumption and correspondingly high cost. Energy saving and cost reduction is the goal of enterprises from beginning to end

at present, some equipment at home and abroad that pay more attention to environmental protection and energy conservation have adopted advanced heating and conduction methods, such as chemical heat transfer fluid, infrared heater, ultraviolet heater, etc., and the rapid promotion and application of UV curing paint and ink has a development trend to replace film coating and infrared heat curing paint. Jintu post press equipment is a new glazing embossing and laminating machine launched in 2014. Jintu pl-460 full-automatic glazing embossing and laminating machine adopts closed heating to make the heating more uniform. It adopts UV drying method, and the UV curing and infrared drying speed is fast and safe

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