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Han Hua brings his latest products and collaborative robots to meet with you in Shanghai

it is the Mid Autumn Festival of the year. In this day when there are both delicious food and the moon, why not give yourself a pleasant trip to the science and technology feast and experience the beauty of industry in the clover exhibition hall

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the 2019 China International Industrial Expo will be held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) on September Held

Hanhua collaborative robot is full of orange this year, which will bring you all kinds of professional and interesting collaborative robot applications; At the same time, there is a user experience area where you can learn robot operation on site. You guys must not miss it

exhibit preview

workpiece surface polishing

model: hcr-5

collaborative robot polishes from one side to the other along the curved surface of the workpiece. Because the force sensor is used, the user does not need to input height information when programming the robot motion. For example, raising the robot, the robot can also slowly return to the surface of the workpiece and then continue its movement

palletizing and destacking

model: hcr-12

this application fully demonstrates the characteristics of hcr-12 (working radius 1300mm, payload 12kg). Because of its wide range of work, it is classified according to force measurement methods: the working radius of mechanical force measuring machine and electronic force measuring machine makes the robot more flexible than being installed in the robot workbench. Between stacking and destacking, the robot will use SKF elevator to move up and down; It also reflects that Hanhua Cobot can work with various peripheral devices to solve the compatibility of high energy consumption and difficult industries in the production of poly amino acids (this application uses SKF and SCHMALZ devices)

Sweet audience interaction

model: hcr-3

if you pay attention to our robot, the robot will also give you a sweet response! It is suggested to come to Hanhua booth to interact with robots sweetly, but the quality and after-sales can be guaranteed. Let's find out


model: hcr-5

there will be two kinds of motion speed display on site: normal speed and fast speed

the robot will move along the curve of the car seat. Two speeds meet the curiosity about the speed of cooperative robots, and feel the stability and accuracy of robot motion at different speeds

robot education system

model: hcr-5

because this is a robot system for training and teaching, several application functions can be demonstrated on site, such as stacking, object recognition, picking and placing, using conveyor or conveyor tracking, such as loading and unloading, stacking, conveying, etc; Don't you want to hurry to learn and understand? Maybe you've discovered your hidden talent and become an expert in collaborative robotics in the future

collaborative robot audience experience area

model: hcr-5

audience experience has the following scenes:

1) direct teaching

2) collision detection

3) path recording

4) simple motion programming (such as grabbing objects)

through on-site experience, the audience can more intuitively understand that compared with industrial robots, one of the biggest advantages of collaborative robots is that they are simple to use and the user interface is more friendly. Come and experience it on site

fpc assembly system

the system adopts Han Hua cooperative robot, which is equipped with a vision system, which can automatically load FPC, connect with front and rear stations, support bypass function, and automatically replace the traditional loader. This system is applicable to all kinds of SMT carrier flow manufacturing (printing process), and is applicable to single board and multi chip PCBs, such as CCD digital products, tablet computers, FPC connectors, digital products, networking products, SMT printing process, etc

manual plug-in automation equipment sm485p

product features:

equipped with pre_motion

equipped with z-axis mounting pressure (force) setting function (STD)

support a high-performance vision system that can recognize a variety of component packages (SMD, plug-in, heteromorphic)

Han Hua booth: 8.1h-c198

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