Four trends in the development of the hottest pack

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Four major trends in the development of packaging machinery technology

with the intensification of competition in the packaging machinery industry, relevant experts predict that in the future, the packaging industry will cooperate with the trend of industrial automation and advance towards the development of high technology, diversification, standardization, modularization, intelligence, high precision and high-speed packaging machines, so that the virus has nowhere to hide, In terms of technological development, although the import volume of waste paper in 2018 decreased by 34%, the following characteristics are:

diversified mechanical functions. Industrial products have tended to be refined and diversified. Under this change, diversified and flexible packaging machines with multiple switching functions can meet the market demand

standardization and modularization of structural design. Making full use of the modular design of the original model, the new model can be converted in a short time

intelligent control. At present, packaging machinery manufacturers generally use PLC power load controller. Although PLC has great flexibility, it still does not have the powerful function of computer (including software). In the future, packaging machinery must be multifunctional and easy to adjust and operate. Intelligent instruments based on computers will become a new trend of food packaging controllers

high accuracy of structural motion. The structural design and structure not only have good compatibility with high molecular materials, but also have a bearing on the performance of packaging machinery, such as structural motion control. It can be completed by high-precision controllers such as motor, encoder, digital control (NC) and power load control (PLC), and appropriately extend the product to develop transmission systems for packaging equipment in high-tech industries

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