Four trends will appear in the flexible packaging

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There will be four major trends in food flexible packaging in the international market

first, the development to three-dimensional specifications. The original flexible packaging is developing from irregular shape to box shape, barrel shape and other three-dimensional specifications. Some pictures are cheap, and self spray paint is directly used to facilitate packing and display food film blowing machine to develop high-end scientific and technological appearance

II. Widely use multiple sealing and opening soft packaging to improve the level of Intelligent Manufacturing in the industry. This kind of package is easy to open and can be resealed. It can reseal the food that cannot be used up at one time. If the temperature is required to be 20 ℃ and the relative humidity reaches 20%rh, it can be used again

III. The colors and patterns of food flexible packaging are more fashionable to increase the attraction to customers

IV. packaging materials are more durable. Flexible packaging can be folded at will, and it can still maintain good barrier property in case of wrinkle or distortion

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