Four tips of the hottest filling process

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Four tips of color filling process

there are many advertising sign materials. Jinan gold test zigzag experiment is mainly used to test the performance of materials under zigzag load, such as acrylic, PVC, two-color boards, and rosewood and marble imitation advertising signs produced by Shencai sign company. Although the materials are different, there is no difference in the setting of advertising carving machines. The quality of production is often reflected in the processing technology at the later stage of carving, According to the focus of our peers, taking the rosewood and marble imitation advertising signs produced by Chengdu Shencai sign factory as an example, we launch this series of introduction reports for the reference of colleagues in advertising design, advertising production, arts and crafts industry, hotel supplies industry and decoration industry, By cutting and shaping, and quoting the latest surface treatment technology in Japan, a new advertising sign with natural texture of natural rosewood and marble and strong visual impact effect is produced. The product is easy to carve, color and paint, and has excellent adhesion. The product has been treated by surface technology, so there is no need to deal with the surface after the color and paint of the carving part in the later stage. Therefore, the operation is simple, the processing cost is low, and it has the advantages of no deformation, no odor, good moisture-proof performance and so on. However, because the material is fiberboard after all, it is not as easy to make color and paint as acrylic material. Therefore, novices often feel difficult because of this

One of the tricks of

carving: choose the three-dimensional carving (horizontal and electro-hydraulic servo experimental machine force, displacement and deformation control) scheme as much as possible for carving setting, and choose a 90 degree conical knife for carving, so as to visually weaken the roughness on the carving surface of fiber board

trick 2: when setting engraving, do not appear layered engraving. Set it to the best depth at one time, which can be achieved by changing the tool. This is because overlapping marks will appear after layered carving, which will affect the smoothness of the carved parts

trick 3: since there are instant stickers on the surface of the workpiece before engraving, it is safe to operate when filling. Directly choose brush to fill the color manually, which saves paint and labor, and the effect is not bad

trick 4: when selecting self painting for color filling, spray the color paint in a paper cup and let it stand for 15 minutes before dipping it with a brush. Otherwise, the corrosion in self painting. The small panel control system of various manufacturers still has many praiseworthy local skills. Strong diluents will damage the paint surface of the workpiece

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