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Experts: enterprises should deal with the four plans of the "337 investigation"

Beijing tonglijun fixture: 48 connecting plates (1 piece with universal joints). Experts from Cheng patent office suggested that it is inappropriate to measure the deflection by using the displacement of the beam. When facing possible international intellectual property disputes, Chinese enterprises should pay attention to the following points:

first, since China has become a world factory, enterprises should start from the beginning of processing products, It is necessary to fully understand how many problems related to intellectual property exist in the products to be produced. In other words, at the beginning of the last project, when the special production facilities were newly built in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, the enterprise should understand the problem of intellectual property rights and plan the strategy of intellectual property rights at the initial stage

second, we should pay attention to our own property rights and protect our own property rights. There must be technical labor in the production of any product, and once this technical labor is produced, you can apply for it yourself. For example, enterprises that produce ink boxes limited by the flow of oil sources can apply for intellectual property protection at home and abroad if they develop a better technology to produce more efficiently and improve product quality

third, we should be familiar with the rules of intellectual property rights, including international intellectual property rights, as soon as possible, especially when our products want to enter a country, we should understand the specific rules of intellectual property rights. Know how to protect your intellectual property rights while avoiding disputes

fourth, when encountering patent conflicts, enterprises should seek experts who are familiar with the rules, or seek the help of the government and industry associations, so that the problems can be properly solved. Generally, don't take extreme measures and fight alone. Unless the other party is unreasonable and unreasonable

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