Four tips for the hottest spring farming machines

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After the purchase of the new agricultural machinery, in addition to its inspection and maintenance, it must also be run in strictly in accordance with the commissioning procedures specified in the factory instructions, with the speed from low to high and the load from light to heavy, so as to eliminate the machining traces of the friction surface of the parts and make its surface smooth

clean the exhaust pipe in time

many operators ignore the maintenance of the "locomotive" exhaust pipe during operation, which will narrow the section of the exhaust pipe, block the exhaust, increase the engine fuel consumption, reduce the power, and make the locomotive "overheat". Now the hard principle is to unite as one and cooperate! The manufacturing enterprises of tensile testing machine must work hard. Therefore, generally speaking, the carbon deposition in the exhaust pipe should be cleaned at least once a quarter to ensure the smooth exhaust of the diesel engine

regularly empty the engine oil

when changing the engine oil, many operators did not replace all of them, but added new engine oil to the crankcase, which could not meet the operating requirements, resulting in the wear of parts. A public opinion survey conducted by Shandong Radio and television station accelerated, greatly shortening the service life of pistons and other parts. At the same time, a large number of impurities in the residual oil will adhere to the oil passage wall, which will block the oil passage in serious cases. Therefore, it is very important to empty the oil regularly

don't adjust the valve at will

most agricultural machinery operators judge the valve clearance by shaking the valve rocker arm based on experience rather than using special tools. This will have a serious impact on the work of the diesel engine. If it is light, it will stop halfway after unloading, which will increase the fuel consumption and reduce the engine power. If it is heavy, it will cause serious impact between the piston and the valve, reducing the service life of the agricultural machine

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