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Four trends in the development of intelligent lighting

although the current intelligent lighting market is relatively small, in the future, driven by the active promotion of manufacturers and the trend of energy conservation, as well as the increase of LED lamp applications and the development of interconnection and intelligent technology, the full result indicates that ball intelligent lighting will usher in new development, the market will continue to grow, and the prospect is worth looking forward to

global intelligent lighting market size

data show that in 2013, the global intelligent lighting market industry size was about US $5.757 billion, including lamps and related accessories market size of about US $1.287 billion; In 2015, the global intelligent lighting market reached US $7.83 billion, with rapid growth. According to the current development momentum, it is expected that the level adjusted by the level gauge to 0.5/1000 at the horizontal bearing surface of the jaw support will reach 24.341 billion US dollars in 2020, of which the market scale of lamps and related accessories is about 8.71 billion US dollars, accounting for more than 5%, and the compound annual growth rate is more than 20%

the scale and year-on-year changes of the global intelligent lighting market in (unit: US $100 million,%)

source: intelligent lighting industry analysis report of the forward looking Industry Research Institute

from the perspective of the competition pattern, the global LED lighting market shows a echelon distribution with Japan, the United States and Germany as the industry leaders, Taiwan, China and South Korea following closely, and countries and regions such as Chinese Mainland and Malaysia actively following up. In the future, the market distribution of intelligent lighting is likely to maintain the current pattern

comparison of major LED manufacturers in the world

source: intelligent lighting industry analysis report by forward looking Industry Research Institute

it is worth mentioning that in China's industrial revitalization plan, semiconductor lighting is also regarded as one of the key areas to enhance traditional industries and cultivate emerging industries, which provides an excellent opportunity for the development of intelligent lighting industry. In addition, China's economy continues to grow rapidly, and the shortage of power supply is becoming increasingly serious. Intelligent lighting materials have excellent performance and wide applications such as energy saving and long service life, so the intelligent lighting industry has a good development space

according to the prediction of the market scale of China's intelligent lighting industry from 2011 to 2016, the market scale of China's intelligent lighting industry will be about 43.1 billion yuan in 2022, with an annual growth rate of about 23%

prediction of the market scale of China's intelligent lighting industry in (unit: 100 million yuan)

source: intelligent lighting industry analysis report of the forward looking Industry Research Institute

Global intelligent lighting development trend

according to analysis, the global intelligent lighting industry will show the following four development trends in the future

first of all, brand integration will be a major development trend of intelligent lighting. The prospect of recycling low-density plastic film is optimistic. The biggest advantage of concentrating products of different brands on one platform is that the best products of various brands can be concentrated in one project, so as to improve the intelligence of home furnishing. In fact, there are many kinds of lighting products on the market. It is also unrealistic to require that all equipment be products of the same manufacturer, or that a system can only use all products of the same manufacturer. Moreover, customers also lack autonomy in terms of performance and price - either accept it completely or give it up completely. A unified control platform can well take into account the interests of all parties. Customers can choose any product, as long as it meets the requirements in terms of performance, so customers will also have great initiative in budget

secondly, in the future, intelligent lighting will shift from the development of pure intelligent functions to intelligent lighting that pays more attention to human behavior. Based on the research of human behavior, visual efficacy, visual physiology and psychology, developing more scientific, people-oriented, efficient, comfortable and healthy intelligent lighting products will be the technical development direction of lighting products in the future

third, the development trend of personalized lighting. The combination of intelligent technology and lighting makes lighting further meet the lighting needs of different individuals and groups at different levels. It is an essential technical means to make lighting meet the needs of individuals and personalities from ordinary people. Therefore, personalized development should also be a development trend of intelligent lighting

finally, the development trend of technology integration. The combination of new lighting sources and lighting technologies such as intelligent technology and electronic ballasts will build a brand-new lighting technology platform. Its application fields range from smart home lighting to intelligent city lighting. In 2016, the sales of small household appliances increased by nearly 12% year-on-year, which has infinite prospects, and is creating a new lighting culture with high technology and high scientific content

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