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Introduction to the technical parameters of the drop tester

Dongguan aisili Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. drop tester product usage:

product features:

1 The fully automatic single wing design, electric contraction arm, with an acceleration greater than 7g, ensures the free separation of the cargo bracket and the packaging test piece, and realizes the free fall of the packaging test piece. The impact vibration is small, stable and reliable. This kind of phenomenon is called yield and angular drop test

2. Electric reset, electric fall and electric lifting device, easy to use

3 It is equipped with a digital height display and adopts a decoder to track the height, so that the drop height of the product can be accurately given, and the error with the preset drop height is not more than 3% or 3cm

4 Motor fault protection, high and low limit protection, emergency stop protection

5 Meet the standard: gb/t2423.8

model as if such materials with serious fire hazards are allowed to legally use the D as de-20 force measuring method high-precision load sensor to measure the force 0 as de-150

maximum weight of the test piece kg =200 100 100

drop height cm 0 120 30 150

maximum size of the test piece cm 120 120 100 80 100 80 100 100 80 100

impact panel size cm 140 200 6170 21700 2

drop method surface, edge Angle

overall dimension of the test bench cm 140 200 180 170 120 282.7 170 120 251.2

net weight 1500kg 700kg 600kg

too many thermal bridges motor power 1.1kva 0.85kva 0.85kva

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