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As of 10 a.m. on August 14, 2009, China's plastic price index fell 2.14 points to 1026.48 points. The China Plastics spot index rose 1.86 points to 1050.81. Some people are soliciting signature points for canceling traditional Chinese medicine

I. upstream express:

WTI crude oil on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose $0.36/barrel to $70.52/barrel. Brent crude oil rose 0.59 USD/barrel to 73.48 USD/barrel

Europe propylene FD northwest Europe reported EUR/ton, unchanged from the previous trading day. Far east propylene monomer FOB South Korea reported USD/ton, up 2.5 USD/ton from the previous trading day

II. Warehouse receipt dynamics:

the sealing ring or combination gasket should be replaced in time at 10:30 today; According to the usage of the machine and the service life of the oil, the warehouse receipt index of China Plastics PP turned waste into treasure was reported at 1160.70 points, down 6.53 points. PP main warehouse receipt contracts opened high and fell rapidly, entering the low consolidation range, with a large fluctuation range. Trading volume is scarce. The latest price of pp0909 is 10300 yuan/ton, down 62 yuan/ton, and the price range is yuan/ton

III. local market conditions:

the listing price of the main brand of China Plastics spot Mall () PP rose and fell. Pp/f401/Yangzi Petrochemical reported 10750 yuan/ton, up 250 yuan/ton; Pp/m2600r/Shanghai Petrochemical reported 11250 yuan/ton, down 200 yuan/ton; Pp/j340/Yangzi Petrochemical reported 11100 yuan/ton, down 50 yuan/ton; Pp/f401/Lanzhou Petrochemical reported 10100 yuan/ton, up 50 yuan/ton; Pp/t30s/Zhenhai Refining and chemical reported 10350 yuan/ton, up 50 yuan/ton; Pp/k7726/Yanshan Petrochemical reported 11550 yuan/ton, down 30 yuan/ton

Qilu Chemical City's PP market has strengthened its intention to find goods, and the quotation has increased slightly, but the actual transaction is not much. The enthusiasm of the market for shipping is average, and there is not much demand for downstream goods. The inquiry atmosphere this morning was acceptable, and the transaction of high-priced goods was not good

the PP market in Tianjin has a stable mentality, crude oil has been warming slightly in a row, and merchants' quotations are tentatively higher. This morning, the merchants' enthusiasm for shipping was ok, and there were not many transactions. The transaction price has little room for negotiation, and the downstream is mainly on the sidelines. The supply of goods in the market is acceptable, and the enthusiasm of merchants to receive goods is not high

the PP market quotation in Beijing is mainly stable, and some quotations are slightly adjusted Due to the increased supply of b8101, the price fell significantly. The slight rise of crude oil has stabilized the market mentality, but the demand atmosphere is light. Today, merchants are still enthusiastic about shipping, and the market is lack of transactions. Some businesses have the mentality of covering positions, but they are still worried about the slow and stable loading of the future market, hesitant, and have a strong wait-and-see mentality. Downstream demand performance is average

the quotation of PP market in Wuhan is stable, the panic mentality disappears when the crude oil stops falling, and the market also gradually stops falling and stabilizes. The mainstream market quotation of wire drawing T30S is 10000 yuan/ton, that of Maoming EPS30R is 10000 yuan/ton, and that of K8003 is 11000 yuan/ton. The market supply is acceptable, the enthusiasm of merchants to ship is general, and the downstream demand is light

IV. manufacturer dynamics:

Yangzi Petrochemical PP plant line a today produces F401, line B produces j340, and the new line is converted to F1002B

f800e produced in PP plant of Shanghai Petrochemical; Dimerization production f280s0; Trimer production y2600t

Zhenhai Refining and chemical PP plant produces f280z and plans to switch to T30S in recent days. Continue pricing today: the drawing T30S is at 10150 yuan/ton, and the film material f280z is at 10150 yuan/ton. The manufacturer has too much inventory, and the sales are OK

Liaoyang Petrochemical PP plant produces 71735. Today, the ex factory price is stable: drawing 5004 is at 10200 yuan/ton, fiber 71735 is at 10200 yuan/ton; Fiber 70318 is at 10200 yuan/ton, and coating material 70126 is at 10200 yuan/ton. The manufacturer's inventory is normal, and the sales are OK

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