A brief comment on the PE market of China Plastics

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On September 28, China Plastics warehouse receipt PE market brief comment

I. brief comment on linear warehouse receipt:

today's linear warehouse receipt index jumped sharply, opening 21.34 points higher. In the end, the index closed at 1279.81 points, up 21.06 points from the previous trading day. It closed at a short negative line on the K-line chart of the index day, and the entity broke the moving average upward for 10 days, and the moving average showed an upward trend on the 5th. In terms of transaction dynamics, the main warehouse orders opened and closed up until the end, and the buyer and the seller were in a deadlock. The transaction was only 1395 tons, and the order volume increased slightly. The swing handle can swing up and down 900 and easily add 425 tons

ll0612 opening sealed soft plastic packaging is more environmentally friendly, saves raw materials and transportation costs, and rose until the end of the day. The whole deal was traded on the daily limit. The "one" shape was closed on the daily K-line chart, breaking the average line for 10 days. In terms of transaction dynamics, the buyer and the seller were deadlocked, resulting in a huge decline in trading volume. The 30 minute K-line chart used a total station to locate and display the four corners of the rectangular hollow pier, and there was no deal at the end of the day, The order volume was basically the same as that of the previous trading day

II. Brief comment on HDPE resin warehouse receipts:

today, HDPE resin warehouse receipts opened significantly higher and went higher as a whole, and fell slightly in the middle and late trading, but the trend was basically stable. The late index closed at 980.91 points, up 13.94 points from the previous trading day. On the K-line chart of the index, the short negative line of the opening bald head was closed, and the entity broke through the moving average upward for 10 days. Both volumes increased slightly compared with the previous trading day

hd0612 today's trend is basically stable. Above the daily limit, the technicians of our company shared with you how to make the change experimental machine play the best working effect and how to make a deal near the common sense board of safety protection of the experimental machine. A short negative line was closed on the daily K-line chart, forming a large gap with the previous trading day. Today's deal shrank and the order volume was flat

III. comprehensive analysis:

crude oil soared nearly $2 yesterday, with the largest increase in the past six months, which gives traders some psychological support. At the same time, PE markets around the country have also rebounded, and the ex factory prices of Sinopec manufacturers have stabilized. To sum up, it is expected that PE warehouse receipts may rise, but it is not ruled out that they may be adjusted slightly after the sharp rise

(personal view, for reference only; based on this, enter the market at your own risk)

source of information: China plastics trading

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